Long-term and short-term insurance


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Various insurance policies are designed and sketched to provide an individual with perfect satisfaction that will help them to get the perfect assurance and lead a happy life at one’s last stage.


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Different Insurance Schemes Allows An Individual To Be Free From Worries During Their Old Age


Long-term and short-term insurance




The Secure Life Group LLC   Is dedicated to providing you and your family with the financial stability that you deserve. By providing you with the opportunity to purchase a policy that will pay you 100 % of your base pay while you are unable to work. We don’t just cover you for unemployment we also cover you for Long Term and Short Term Disability, Workman Compensation, Maternity Leave as well as Retirement Transition pay and Military Transition Pay. We even have a union election that will cover you in case your union decides to strike. At this time State unemployment benefits is as low as $235.00 per week. Ask yourself can you maintain your current life style on that amount? Or do you have to start robbing Peter to pay Paul? Well no longer The Secure Life Group is here to help you stay whole, no more hiding your cars and losing your homes because you lost your job through no fault of your own. We here at The Secure Life Group want to provide you with the protection that you need. We are the company that cares.




Long-term and short-term insurance


Different Insurance Schemes Allows An Individual To Be Free From Worries During Their Old Age http://thesecurelifegroup.com/ The Secure Life Group LLC  P.O. Box 261  Markham Il, 60428 contact@thesecurelifegroup.com  support@thesecurelifegroup.com Contact No. + 1(888) 800-5076

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