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Exploring Jodhpur Best Restaurant The Rockyard


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Exploring Jodhpur Best Restaurant The Rockyard Food isnt just sustenance We dont eat food just for the sake of eating or living Some food we eat because it actually looks great And some food we eat because we just are not able to forget the taste of that particular dish But sometimes ..just sometimes ..we eat something that makes a statement that forces us to think And THAT is when food becomes an art But only the best restaurants can do this Which is why today we are at the best restaurant in Jodhpur. Looking for Rajasthan best restaurants we found them for you if you ask me where to come to in Jodhpur to dine in a legendary fashion with more items on the menu than you can imagine. I will to come to near Nagar Nigam Office Surya Colony The Rockyard as an institution in itself when you come to this part of Jodhpur. Anybody will tell you where it is. But since you have asked me heres what you must eat. The liver on Dorst. This is a classic from The Rockyard which is what makes this place so amazingly popular. Its got high ceilings lots of eco people bustling all the time enjoying this great food. And of my favorite theres the catalyst for big chunks of fat nice spicy pork. Theres the classic fish and chips are very easy to eat. And theres the Eastern style chicken over here which is Chinese with a hint of. jodhpur everything in The Rockyard has to have my favorite the good old time with lots of bubbly cheese on top a fairly new dish the organic oyster mushrooms and this the sweet panini .. if you enjoyed the food over here and youre looking for more great place to eat all across jodhpur

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