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tour agency peruvian inka travels and some of the best tours we have to offer


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We are a travel agency based in Arequipa, Peru. We offer tours for everybody need and wants. PERUVIAN INKA TRAVELS.


LIMA CITY TOUR ½ DAY We will pick you from your hotel to start your tour of Lima. You will discover the colonial center of the city, which was built more than two centuries ago. Lima is the most important city of Peru. The current population of Lima is 8 million. PRICES PRICE PER PERSON. 1 PERSON- USD$78 2-4 PEOPLE- USD$42 5 OR MORE- USD$33 TRIP INCLUDES ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE AND TRANSPORTATION.

Ruins of Pachacamac LIMA:

Ruins of Pachacamac LIMA We pick you up at your hotel, and then we will go to the colonial center of Lima. We begin our exploration of the city with a visit to the Main Square there is the Cathedral, City Hall and the presidential palace. We will then visit the Church of San Francisco, the greatest monumental complex of Colonial Art in America and Cultural Heritage of Humanity. We will then continue the citadel of Pachacamac , 30 km in the south, where several civilizations built temples and pyramidal platforms over more than 1000 years. PRICES PRICES PER PERSON 1 person- USD$127 2-4 people-USD$67 5 OR MORE-USD$52 TRIP INCLUDES ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE AND TRANSPORTATION.

Bodegas of Pisco ½ DAY ICA :

Bodegas of Pisco ½ DAY ICA Transport by private vehicle to the two bodegas in the valley of Ica, where the National Peruvian drink is made, this is an excellent time to taste and enjoy it. We then visit the archaeological museum of Ica, there are some of the most beautiful specimens of mummies of Peru . PRICES PRICES PER PERSON 1 PERSON- USD$87 2-4 PEOPLE- USD$ 48 5 OR MORE- USD$32

Tour Ballestas Island ( 4 hours) PISCO:

Tour Ballestas Island ( 4 hours) PISCO Transfer to the port of Paracas , to get on the boat to go to the Ballestas Islands, the most important wildlife sanctuary of the Peruvian Coast where we can observe Sea lions, Peruvian Boobies(native bird to Peru), Pelicans, Penguins and other Marine birds. We will get back to shore around 10:30am . PRICES per person USD$25 TRIP INCLUDES ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE AND TRANSPORTATION.

Lake Titicaca: Floating Islands UROS (3 HOURS):

Lake Titicaca: Floating Islands UROS (3 HOURS) Transfer from the hotel to the port and we will then take a motorboat on the waters of Lake Titicaca to the unique floating islands of The Uros , made by adding new layers of a type of r eed called " totora " where The Uros Indians live for several centuries. we will visit 3 more islands before going back to Puno . PRICES PRICE PER PERSON IS USD$25 The price includes Pickup from hotel to port The motorboat to Uros islands. An ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE

Lake Titicaca: Uros, Amantani and Taquile Islands (2 days 1 night) :

Lake Titicaca: Uros , Amantani and Taquile Islands (2 days 1 night) DAY 1 T ransfer from the hotel to the port and we will take then a motorboat on the waters of Lake Titicaca to the unique floating islands of The Uros , made by adding new layers of a type of reed called " totora " where The Uros Indians live for several centuries. We continue our trip to Amantani Island; we will climb up the ruins to the top of the island where we can enjoy a beautiful sunset, then we’ll have dinner and overnight at the local islander’s house, to enjoy the hospitality of a typical Amantani Family(optional). (Simple comfort, not of running water). DAY 2 Enjoy a day of discovery in Taquile Island, where the local population still lives according to ancestral habits and Community laws. We go up walking to the village; we can admire the splendid panorama on the Lake Titicaca and the royal cordillera in Bolivia. After lunch, we return to Puno.

Chullpas of Sillustani ( 3 HOURS) PUNO:

Chullpas of Sillustani ( 3 HOURS) PUNO We will pick you up at your hotel around 2PM to go to visit the famous ruins of Sillustani , A pre- incan burial ground, we will see the chullpas which are tombs built above the ground in tower structures, dating back to the 1400s. Return to puno by 6PM. PRICE PER PERSON USD$19 includes Transport Puno/ Sillustani /Puno in the tourist bus An English- speakin guide The entrance to the site of Sillustani .

Colca Canyon Tours (2 DAYS 1 NIGHT) AREQUIPA:

Colca Canyon Tours (2 DAYS 1 NIGHT) AREQUIPA DAY 1 Depart from your hotel at around 8:00 am. First you will cross the altiplano and the Reserva Natural de Aguada Blanca where we you can observe the the main Andean camelids , vicuña, llamas,and alpacas in their natural habitat. After you reach 4900 meters, you will descend to the villages of Chivay and Yanque in the Colca Valley. Check in at the hotel you selected, and after lunch we will leave for a short hike through the Inca period terraces in the valley, also you can enjoy a refreshing bath in the hot springs. Overnight at your hotel. DAY 2 Breakfast around 6:00 am. The minibus will take us through the Colca Valley to the Cruz del Condor, where we will enjoy Panoramic views of the canyon, the river more than 1,000 feet below and the cliffs nearly 2500 meters in front of us. It is also here that we can observe the majestic flight of the condors which sometimes is just about 10 meters above us. We will then return in the more open and cultivated part of the valley where we will stop in villages and nearby pre-Hispanic tombs suspended in cliffs. After lunch in Chivay , we will arrive back into Arequipa by 17:00 hours.

Arequipa City Tour  (3 hours and half) :

Arequipa City Tour ( 3 hours and half) We will leave the hotel by a touristic bus towards Cayma’s main square and its church which was built with volcanic stone, typical of colonial buildings of Arequipa We then descend to the main square of Yanahuara , through the narrow streets of this neighborhood. Nice view of the volcanoe El Misti and the colonial church of Yanahuara . We descend by car (or by walkng , your choice) to downtown to visit the church of the Jesuits and Los claustros de la Compania , the main square of Arequipa, the Cathedral, and finally the extraordinary Santa Catalina PRICES PER PERSON 1 person –USD $55 2-3 people- USD$39 4-6 People-USD$32 7 or more USD$29 PRICE INCULDES Transport from the hotel and in the city. An english guide Entrance to the convent of Santa Catalina. A private guide in the convent of Santa Catalina.

Climbing El Misti (2 days / 1 night) AREQUIPA :

Climbing El Misti (2 days / 1 night ) AREQUIPA DAY 1 At 07:00 we will leave in private vehicle (4x4), After 1:30 hours of  riding we will arrive at the north base of the volcano “El Misti ” at 3,800 meters (car base) and approximately at 09:00 we are going to start trekking up to 4,800 meters. After about 4 hours of walking we will stop for lunch. Then we will continue the trek in the east direction. We will arrive at our camp and eat dinner. Day 2 Very early in the morning we will have breakfast and at 05:00 we will begin the climb with light equipment, we will continue our trekk for about 3 hours then we will take a brief rest at 5,600 meters. When we get to the summit we will have a beutifull view of an enormus crater. We will continue our walk until a point called the cross of the Misti at 5,825 meters. From there we will have an impressive view of the city of Arequipa, and the Chachani , Pichu-pichu , Coropuna and Ampato mountains. At 13:00 we will be begin the descent to our camp , where we will rest. then we will  continue walking down to the car and return to Arequipa .


RAFTING CHILI RIVER (3 HOURS) Exciting experience in the Chili River, only 20 minutes from Arequipa, 8 kilometers far. Chili is a river with many classes of rapids II, III and IV. We will pick you up from your hotel at 9:00 a.m. and we will transfer you to the starting point called “ Gruta de la Vírgen de Chapi ”, where you will be given the corresponding equipment and instructions for the correct use, and you will go for two hours on the river, through pretty landscapes.

Machu Picchu (2 days / 1 night) CUSCO:

Machu Picchu (2 days / 1 night) CUSCO Day 1 Our tour begins with a extraordinary train journey through the Urubamba Valley, after 2 hours we will arrive in Aguas Calientes , reception at your hotel and free morning to enjoy this  tropical forest environment, also you can enjoy a refreshing bath in the hot springs. Overnight in Aguas Calientes . DAY 2 Early in the morning after breakfast, we will go by bus to The Legendary Machu Picchu, We then walk a few minutes to reach the lookout point where we will see the spectacular sunrise from the lost city of the Incas. We have still then a whole part of the day to freely discover all the recesses of Machu Picchu and perhaps hike Huaynapicchu .  At the indicated time return to Aguas Calientes , lunch and return to Cusco by train.


CITY TOUR OF CUSCO & INCA SITES (4 HOURS) Around 2:00pm we'll start our tour in The Colonial Center of Cusco we'll visit first The " Koricancha " Temple, political and religious center of the Inca Empire and the Cathedral, we will then continue to the archeoligical complex of " Saqsayhuaman ", majestis place with impresive works in huge stones some of them standing over 9m/30ft high and weighing over 350 tons, " Q'enco " a religious center dedicated to the adoration of the Earth, next we will visit Puca Pucara , which once was a military control center, we will finish our tour with a visit to " Tambomachay " (Temple of the Water) a center of adoration and worship of water . PRICE PER PERSON USD$17 TRIP INCLUDES ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE AND TRANSPORTATION.


SACRED VALLEY OF THE INCAS (1DAY) Early in the morning, we will start our excursion to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. We leave by bus to Pisac , where the excursion really starts. In Pisac we visit the traditional colorful Sunday market. From here we continue the trip to Urubamba where we will have lunch. After lunch we will visit Ollantaytambo , a small town which is a real sample of the level of architecture that Incas reached. Here we visit the village itself, with the many original Inca Walls, and the ruins. On our way back to Cusco we will pass and visit the typical market and archeological site of Chincheros . Return to your hotel . PRICES PER PERSON 2-3 PEOPLE-USD$80 4-6 PEOPLE-USD$60 7 OR MORE-USD$55

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P eruvian Inka Travels is a tourist Agency based in Arequipa, Peru, which specializes in cultural and adventure tours around Peru. Will help you to select the best destination and accommodation that suits your needs. So from the very first moment you make contact with us we will be with you 24/7 in Peru. Now that’s comfort, especially when so many online travel tour operator's are far away when you really need them. If you need any assistance while you are traveling we will always be there to help. So rest assured you are always in good hands with Peruvian Inka . Peruvian Inka Travels is Registered in SUNAT (Super Intendencia Nacional de Administracion Tributaria ) RUC: 20455531919 Peruvian Inka Travels is Licensed by Mincetur

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