Testimonial For The Renegade Leader Book Part 2

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The Renegade Leader gives you the formula to move forward and get powerful results. Many leaders can come up with a great vision but are unsure how to get there.


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“ Renegade Leaders may be the type of catalyst that can get things off the status quo, find better solutions, and move more quickly. People will follow and believe in an exciting leader, especially if integrity and character are also a part of the equation. What a powerful combination that would be! Jan Maunder , Executive @renegadeleader Website: www.therenegadeleader.com

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“ The Renegade Leader is as dynamic and energetic as its author. Debora put all of the secrets she uses to ignite people, performance, and profits into one book. The only thing missing is the magic dust she provides that brings calm to chaos and creativity to confusion!” Cyndi Fine The BodyMind Connection @renegadeleader Website: www.therenegadeleader.com

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“Strategy is the heart of every organization; without it, you lack a roadmap to success. But even the best strategies can leave you lost without the alignment of your people. The Renegade Leader gives you the guidance you need to motivate your teams and to gain alignment so you can drive organizational results without driving yourself or your people crazy!” Terry Schmidt , founder, StrategicPlanningAcademy.com Author of Strategic Project Management Tools Made Simple: Practice Tools for Leaders and Teams @renegadeleader Website: www.therenegadeleader.com

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