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Why your business need mobile app With the advent of smart phones and tablets usage of browsing or mobile usage for browsing has ascended proportion. Statistics postulate that more and more populations have resorted to mobile usage than watching TV and most of this mobile usage is via apps. For any product or service at an e-commerce platform a mobile application is the supreme key to establish business and reach to a customer. Mobile apps play angels in an e-commerce domain and they do not go gentle as they flaunt their wings to house everything under the companys canopy of business. Not only does availability of an app count but also how accessible and user-friendly it remains for the user weighs massive.

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Here are six prime reasons why you should incorporate a mobile app for your business: 1. Stay with the customer: Once your application is downloaded you become an integral part of the users mobile experience. A catchy logo fashioned for an app thus goes a long way. It is usual that the mind captures images captions or logos quick and fast even unconsciously paving way to pick up data on the go. Through your app you always remain interactive to your customer. Whether they browse your app to kill time or to intently find something either of it is eventually going to lead you to business profit.

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2. Marketing reaches out directly to the customer: When customers download your app they do it for a reason. They do not want to miss anything from your business and what it has to offer. So it is important to utilize this opportunity to provide newsfeed updates search features prices exclusive accounts and many more as per customer needs and business evolution. It is beneficial if customers have a one-touch access to your contact information get directions to your location capable of seamless appointment scheduling. It has been found that while promotional email messages receive about a 4 read rate and Push notifications about 97. An updated customer gets a happy experience at every usage of your mobile application even if they do not use it to purchase a product.

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3. Hail the customer/User: Providing loyalty and related benefits to a customer has eased out customers experience more and more in shopping platforms. Instead of stumbling over a loyalty card buried long ago under a disposed wallet transferring points from the users engaged services with that business will surely make users shoot up your good ratings and shower positive reviews even with emojis It is ultimately going to get you more users and more customer return. 4. Manifest your brand and win recognition: A mobile app for your business with a distinct mobile app design a flashy logo and wonderful user attraction is a sure way to make your stand in the customers hearts as a thriving interesting and trustworthy service/business.

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And as per advertising frequency a brand well seen and heard of more than 20 times will lead to the product of the brand being bought by customers. This is a great advantage in the e-commerce platform for something as simple as flashing your business logo with a pop up notification will intrigue customers to find out what you have new in store for their benefit. 5. Nurture Customer Loyalty: Consider it an honor to live in your customers mobile. When a user decides to download your app a lot of thinking and research goes into it. Scanning over other users reviews before downloading your app is a step never skipped. Knowing that they house some space for an app to your business gives them the right to decide if they are wasting their mobile usage space.

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Maintain good configuration and deliver excellent user experience through your mobile application. Make sure the app has fewer ads easy accessibility and seamless loading range or your app will be soon at risk and would be simply deleted and out of the easy-user-reach space shuttle called mobile application. 6. Redefine Customer Support: Apps that have messaging feature from the helpdesk/customer service team stand upfront when it comes to customer engagement. It wins customer reliability for there is a functional person to serve them at their fingertips for their queries or concerns. This is applicable at all e-commerce platforms where customer support plays a pivotal role.

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7. Stand apart in the crowd: It is wise for any business regardless of the size of the company to provide a mobile app for its customers. You always have an advantage of being perceived as having amplitude of growth and customer reliance if your business fashions a decent app with seamless user experience. Thus it is important for small businesses also to strain and undertake mobile app development to make a big leap in their sector to move ahead and stand apart among their competitors. A mobile app is a moon shot to widen the scope of your business and is undoubtedly a hands-down way to engage and interact with customers directly that would eventually lead to happy customer experience.

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