Make the Right Decision- Know Different Process of Rug Making

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If you are searching for designer rugs in Melbourne for your home then read this blog. We here share a different category of the rug-making process giving you a better insight to make the right choice.


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Make the Right Decision- Know Different Process of Rug Making T H E R E D C A R P E T A U S T R A L I A 5 7 5 – 5 7 9 V i c t o r i a S t r e e t A b b o t s f o r d V I C 3 0 6 7

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5 7 5 – 5 7 9 V i c t o r i a S t r e e t A b b o t s f o r d V I C 3 0 6 7 T H E R E D C A R P E T A U S T R A L I A Having home without rugs seems incomplete. It not only gives visual appeal to space but also adds the necessary functionality to it. The presence of the right rug shapes how you feel in it and how it makes your room look elegant. This is the reason that you can find intricacy in the rug- making work. Looking at some good collection of rug you will get to know the sophistication involved in their making which gives intricate and exclusive designs. You can find a range of from the simple ones to the most exotic ones. Here we share some of the common types rugs that you can find: designer rugs in Melbourne Hand-Knotted Rugs: As the name suggests these rugs are especially hand-woven giving them a very authentic appeal. There are certain unique techniques of weaving which have been passed from one generation to another over time among the weaver communities. Here the yarn is properly wrappers and then knotted along each thread to form the unique designs. Every individual piece of yarn is then cut and tamped tightly together to for the rug. Here the threads are carefully interwoven with hand to form beautiful intricate patterns. The interesting things about hand- knotted are that every turn and knotting is carefully taken care by the craftsmen giving a sense of personal touch and high-quality work. modern rugs

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5 7 5 – 5 7 9 V i c t o r i a S t r e e t A b b o t s f o r d V I C 3 0 6 7 T H E R E D C A R P E T A U S T R A L I A Hand Tufted Rugs: Here a specialised tufting tool is used by craftsmen to pass the yarn and weave the decided pattern. The yarn is carefully passed through the frame and desired pattern is drawn on the fabric attached to it. In hand-tufted rugs you can find both cut and looped piles. To give a finished look to the tufted rug the rug is supported by the latex then with the fabric which gives necessary support to it Hand Loomed Rugs: Handloom is one of the most effective and proficient ways of producing a wide variety of rug in a short span. Whether it is luxurious shag rugs or unique cotton rugs hand-looming can create all of them with a variety of look and appeal. Hand looming allows the use of extensive colours and a wide variety of patterns. You can create both modern and traditional . . In most cases the finishing work is done by artisans to bring that personal touch every handmade rug has. This makes these rugs look more naturally woven and attractive. designer rugs in Melbourne

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5 7 5 – 5 7 9 V i c t o r i a S t r e e t A b b o t s f o r d V I C 3 0 6 7 T H E R E D C A R P E T A U S T R A L I A Machine Loomed Rugs: These rugs are loomed using high throughput technology based machines which offer unique designs in a short time. The major benefit of preferring machine-loomed rugs is the precision of the work. As the rugs are loomed using preinstalled moulds and designs giving cut pile weaves rib and many other patterns. If you are looking for any type of rugs mentioned above then look for The Red Carpet. For years we are serving our customers the best collection of rugs. Whether it is contemporary designs or traditional Persian designs you can find all. You can visit our website to gauge through the different types of and patterns available. To make it easy for our customers to search we have customisable options where you can choose your price range size type and more to get the best results. Every rug is woven with a personal touch and extra precision to meet the high standards and quality. We strive to serve best to our customers and therefore provide fast and timely services. To know discuss any query about our services feels free to connect with us. modern rugs

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