Siberian Huskies and Dobermans For Sale

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The Puppy World" is a family of 2 breeders of Siberian Huskies, AKK , & Dobermans. We "The Puppy World" are located in Campobello SC 29322 about 20 minutes from Spartanburg SC, and in Cameron NC about an hour from Raleigh NC.


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Siberian Huskies And Dobermans for Sale:

Siberian Huskies And Dobermans for Sale

The Puppy World:

The Puppy World We are family of 3 breeder located in Spartanburg SC, Sanford NC, Concord NC - just North-East of Greenville SC, Raleigh NC, Charlotte NC. We have been raising Siberian Husky since 2003, AKK since 2008, & Dobermans since 2010.   While everyone in the family contributes to helping with the dogs and puppies, I have to say that they are my abiding passion and the kids are just tagging along because of me. The family much prefers to be the petters and players, while Mom is doing the cleaning and care.  Of course that means the dogs usually like them better because they know I'm liable to give them a bath or a shot!  

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House Training The Puppy World is composed of three breeders. We sell Siberian Huskies, Dobermans, and Alaskan Klee Kai also known as Mini Huskies. This is usually the first question a new puppy owner has.  They often have no idea how to go about this fact of life. Your puppy will most certainly have to go to the bathroom sooner or later. Planning your method of training is the most important thing you can do.  You should spend some time thinking, reading and planning your course of action to accomplish your goal of a house trained puppy. Before you start we suggest that you identify the place where you want your puppy to visit when the need occurs. This is very important as weather conditions change throughout the year.  Rain, snow, ice, hot and cold weather will have an impact on your ability to supervise your puppy and even perhaps alter your willingness to follow through in your supervision of the activity.

For More Information Please Visit Our Website

For More Information Please Visit Our Website

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