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3302 Beckwith Court • Modesto, CA 95358 Phone: 209.523.3138 • Fax: 209.548.9379 • Compassionate Canine Care & Education

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Vintage Faire Mall Hwy 99 Beckwith Rd West on the Beckwith/Standiford Exit - South on Beckwith Court Top Notch Kennels Boarding, Daycare, Grooming, Boutique Beckwith Ct Standiford Rd

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Top Notch Kennels Boarding - 4 buildings, 86 suites Office Space & Grooming Daycare Fields Facility Ariel View

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Top Notch Kennels 3302 Beckwith Court Modesto, CA 95358 HOURS Monday - Friday 8 am - 6 pmSaturday 9 am - 3 pmSunday 2 pm - 6 pm WEDNESDAYS ONLY Office Closed 12pm-2pm

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Top Notch Play All Daycare & Training Facility Blue Gum Ave Culpepper Ave Carpenter Rd 9th St From Carpenter, East on Blue Gum, South on Culpepper

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Top Notch Play All Daycare 1628 Culpepper Avenue Modesto, CA 95351 DAYCARE HOURS Monday - Friday 6 am - 6 pm TRAINING HOURS Various weekday evenings & Saturday Mornings

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Services Available Training: Great Beginnings Puppy Class Good Manners (Levels 1-3) Behavioral Consultations Private Lessons Trick Classes Training While Boarding AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification (CGC) Boarding Daycare Grooming Pet Sitting Boutique Pet Taxi Dog Walking

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Certified Karen Pryor Academy Clicker Trainer (KPACT) -Karen Pryor Academy Education is Important! Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) -Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers Certified Advanced Pet Care Technicians -Pet Care Services Association Who We Are… Mentor Trainer -Animal Behavior College

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W E L C O M E !

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Lobby & Bow Wow Boutique

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Lobby & Bow Wow Boutique

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Lobby & Bow Wow Boutique

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Lobby & Bow Wow Boutique

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Lisa’s Office! - provides a comfortable space for on site behavior consultations

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Requirements Current vaccination records are required from a veterinarian in order to take part in any Top Notch Service, including Boarding, Daycare, Grooming and Training Classes.  Puppies must be on a veterinarian administered vaccination program. DHLP-P (Distemper, Hepatitis, Para influenza, Leptosporosis, and Parvo); A series required for puppies, then 1 year booster, and then required every 3 years. Bordetella (Canine Bronchitis); Required every 6 months for our Boarding, Daycare and Grooming Guests. Also, required  for our Training Class Clients. We recommend alternating between injection and intranasal administration for best protection possible. Rabies- Given as a puppy when eligible, then 1 year booster, and then required every 3 years. Monthly flea preventative

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Complete vaccination protocol Staff is trained to carefully monitor & watch for illness Complete & vigilant isolation practices Separate ventilation & entrance to isolation Alternative accommodations available in case of stress Proper hand washing & sanitizing for employees Separate leads and equipment Effective daily sanitation Our strategies to best prevent or reduce the spreading of potential infectious disease:

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In the event of illness… Isolate the dog & closely monitor Take temperature Evaluate food & water intake Track weight Examine stool Attempt to contact owners Actions taken are in the best interest of the dog Contact client’s regular veterinarian If not in imminent danger and in need of medical attention, regardless of location we will take the client’s dog to their veterinarian Follow veterinarian’s advice If an outbreak of tracheobronchitis occurs… In addition to following our procedures, we post a notice for client awareness and provide them with an informative handout. If they have any concerns we refer them to their veterinarian.

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Daily Cleaning Protocol: Correct use of chemicals Accurate dilution rates where applicable Established cleaning procedure Heat sanitation Thorough training of staff Awareness and prevention of communicable diseases Cleaning and disinfecting procedures include alternating between two effective products for maximum efficacy to control bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.

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Wysiwash uses calcium hypochlorite, one of several forms of chlorine. Wysiwash cleaner accurately delivers USDA-approved levels of active chlorine disinfectant. No batch mixing. Sanitizing with WYSIWASH will not leave hot spots with high concentrations that will irritate an animal's skin. Chlorine delivery system

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Effective against: Distemper Canine Parvo Virus Corona virus E. Coli Giardia Salmonella Leptospira Staphylococcus Bordetella and so much more…

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Triple Two Germicidal Cleaner: Disinfectant, Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Virucidal. Triple Two has a detergent/cleaning action as well as acting as a disinfectant.

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Squeegee the building

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Rubber Matting Provided for Our Senior Guests

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Fresh water at all times

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Exercise & Potty Areas

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Exercise & Potty Areas

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Exercise & Potty Areas Custom designed overhead sprinkler system saturates areas with the WysiWash disinfecting solution. System runs a minimum of four times per day flowing 10-20 minutes each cycle.

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Heat Sanitation Food & Water Bowls, Kongs

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In House Laundry

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Boarding Indoor A/C & heat controlled Roll-up doors for added ventilation Group play (pending evaluation) One on One time Daily Exercise periods Two daily meals Afternoon snack Background music Required and verified vaccination records Daily housekeeping In the event a boarding guest requires medical attention, our preference is to take them to their own veterinarian.

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Boarding Isolation Suites

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Boarding Suite

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All rooms with a View!

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Boarding Guest Report Card Information is gathered on arrival and tracked daily throughout the guest's boarding stay. Weight? What dog enjoys? Are snacks ok? Play Group? Food/Rx? Mood Eating? Stool Consistency Medications? Comments Extra Activities Special Notes Belongings Personal info

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Upon Guest departure, cleaning & sanitizing procedures are completed. Clear communication is a must!

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Staff interaction & supervision at all times Special handling & accommodations for puppies or dogs lacking confidence Safe & stimulating place to play instead of home alone Daycare An evaluation is conducted prior to admittance into group play or daycare Separate play groups based on social skills

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Puppy socialization A/C and heat controlled indoor facility w/ rubber non-skid flooring Outdoor grassy fields & water play Play equipment & toys A source for great exercise! Nap time Daycare

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Top Notch Play All Daycare

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Top Notch Play All Daycare

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Top Notch Play All Daycare

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Top Notch Play All Daycare

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Top Notch Kennels Daycare

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Top Notch Kennels Daycare Fun in the sun, including warm weather water play!

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Grooming Three professional groomers experienced in all breeds and scissor styles Always hand dried, never cage dried Emphasis on a calm and relaxing experience Naturally scented bathing products, free of perfumes Spa package includes daycare prior to beautification! Spacious suites available before and after grooming Open six days a week, Mon-Sat

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Great Beginnings Puppy Class Good Manners (Levels 1-3) Behavioral Consultations Private Lessons Trick Classes Train While Boarding AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification (CGC) Training: Spay/Neuter Discounts

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Lasting training solutions using state-of-the-art positive training techniques.

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Behavioral problems are the number one cause of relinquishment to shelters. Behavioral issues, not infectious diseases, are the number one cause of death for dogs under three years of age. - American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Not Here! Education and care, paired with effective cleaning and disinfection by well trained staff are aspects highly important to us. We too, are concerned about the risk of disease transmission and take all precautionary measures to protect puppies as well as maintaining the veterinary community's trust. Great Beginnings Puppy Class Parvo?

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Sheila Segurson, DVM UC Davis Shelter Medicine Program Great Beginnings Puppy Class Thank you for your puppy referrals! “Puppies that are confined during this period are significantly more likely to develop behavioral problems (primarily fear and aggression) than puppies that are provided a socialization program.” “Clearly, the preponderance of evidence and practical experience support the early socialization of puppies through properly run puppy classes. Our expert panel unanimously agrees that the benefits of early socialization far outweigh the risks of infectious disease spread as long as basic precautionary strategies are in place.” E. Kathryn Meyer, VMD  President American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

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Making a Difference Thank you again for your referrals! Providing early socialization and knowledge can prevent behavioral issues from developing. We are committed to helping puppies become healthy, confident and well mannered members of the family! Puppy class includes an emphasis on handling skills… making trips to the groomer and veterinarian a much more pleasant experience for all involved.

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Petsitting! Home Visits, Pet Taxi, Dog Walking! All Species!

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We look forward to a continued relationship with you to benefit our mutual clients. Would you like to exchange links on your website with us?

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