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What Are White-Collar Crimes?:

What Are White-Collar Crimes?

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Within criminology, White-collar crime is a financially motivated crime committed with the intent to achieve monetary gain. There are several types of white collar crimes and some of them are listed below:

Bank Fraud:

Bank Fraud This is the act and/or activity where the goal is to swindle bank funds.

Bribery :

Bribery Bribery is where an individual provides a gift to a powerful person in exchange for a favorable decision or use of power.


Blackmail This is an act of threatening an individual or company to do bodily injury, inflict harm on property, crime accusation and/or expose secrets if the individual or company will not give money in return of silence.

Insider Trading:

Insider Trading This is an act where a person who utilizes insider information that are confidential and advanced to trade for public corporations.


Embezzlement This is an act of an individual who utilizes money or property that has been entrusted to him for his benefit and personal gain.


Extortion This is the process wherein a person obtains a property illegally from another individual via actual or threatened force or violence and/or covered official authority.

Internet Fraud:

Internet Fraud Internet fraud is becoming more and more common today. This fraud occurs when someone attempts to obtain sensitive personal information regarding your bank accounts, passwords, or other private information.

Health Care Fraud:

Health Care Fraud An act of providing services of a certain health care provider without proper licensing and receives money in return for the service done.

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