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Well, while everyone is claiming to sell the best fog-free mirror in Australia, it’s the features that make it best. Know all of them here before investing. Just visit : http://themirrus.blogspot.in/2017/11/5-things-that-make-best-fog-free-shower.html or call us at : +61754767429


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5 things that make the best Fog-free shower mirror Australia Are you in need of a fog-free shower mirror in Australia? No doubt shaving in the shower improves the overall experience. But in this case, you need a quality mirror to experience that improvement. Without a good fog-less mirror, you can have more problems like cuts and scratches, than just missing a few spots. Worst case scenario - you might end up hurting your eyes while trying to look close for a clear view!

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The result makes the mirror impossible to use. Sometimes it happens, even if you have your exhaust fan turned on. At such times, you need to wipe the condensation off the mirror over and over again. Otherwise, you will need to open up the bathroom door, and experience chills right after a hot shower! So, what is a fog-free mirror? In contrary, fog-free mirrors prevent this from happening. They are designed to receive extra heat in some way or the other. The extra heat prevents the fog from settling on the surface of the mirror because it is hotter than the mist in the air. With that, you get a clear reflection, even when you are standing in the shower!

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Best fogless shower mirror - How can you find them? 1.Width of the mirror A fogless mirror needs to be wide; enough to reflect back the entire surface area you need. If not, you will need to keep adjusting your position or move the mirror while in the shower. Inadequate width can lead to many potential difficulties. 2.Reflectivity You should be able to see your clear reflection. If not, then the mirror is not useful. So you must look for a mirror that has an excellent reflective output. Also, some manufacturers purposely dull the reflective surface! While it increases the fog resistance of the model, it also decreases the reflective ability of the mirror.

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3.The level of magnification when you get close or away from the mirror Now, most of the people will skip this step. For them, a clear view is more than enough. But did you know that a bit of a convex surface can make the images appear closer than they appear? You must look for this feature as it can help you in many ways! 4.Break resistance Even the best suction cups can fail over time if it's made using amateur engineering! At such times, you will want a fog-free mirror that can stand tall and remain intact. So the best bet is to look for shatter resistant mirrors, perhaps a mirror made of stainless steel. Also, extend your long-term investment by checking on the warranty from the manufacturer. 5.Portability Everyone is not looking for a large mirror. While some of you will prefer it as your favorite addition to your shaving kit, it is wide to look for the one that's easy to carry. With that, you will never have to worry about cuts and improper shave while on a trip!

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