Know How Twitter Can Increase ECommerce Sales

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Twitter is one of the most powerful tool of the social media, its helps to increase the ecommerce sales & create a brand name infront of all world wide.


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Know How Twitter Can Increase ECommerce Sales:

Know How Twitter Can Increase ECommerce Sales YOU ALWAYS WANT TO STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE. Staying ahead means driving more sales, earning more revenue and staying on the top from competitors.


Now it has become necessary for companies to gain loyalty through social media. Within years twitter has came up as a strong platform to drive in eCommerce sales. With over 360 million users all over the world Twitter has become the dream platform for marketers. Approximately 55 million users log into Twitter via their tablet or mobile phones every month and there are around 230 million daily tweets. The average age of a Twitter user is around 39 years.


Twitter allows businesses to seize the market presence, target their customers and engage with them regularly. Twitter as a social platform is a GOLD MINE for businesses. If you got the trick to use this platform then you can convert it into a major revenue generation channel for your online store.


Know the right tactics to market with TWITTER and be the king and drive in more eCommerce sales. Get along the post to know more about social media strategy and how you can follow them to generate more revenue. Understand Your Objective And Build Audiences Interest Understand The Value Of Twitter


Before rushing into social media marketing you need to understand how Twitter can contribute to your business. Twitter has emerged as a micro-blogging site and people actively use it to engage with friends, and celebrities and brands. As is not an eCommerce platform like Instagram or Facebook where people buy and sell. To actually take advantage of this platform you would first need to understand the rules.


Understand well that Twitter is not about selling, it is more of link building and establishing results. Remember twitter marketing will not dive in immediate traffic to your online store rather you will gain trust trust of your followers and things will start happening slowly. Just uploading a photo or a video or writing the description will not help. As discussed twitter is not only about selling it is more of building relations.


Start with building your brand presence and build audiences interest in your products. Establish a company brand. You can possibly create relatable memes relevant to your industry and products. You can also run #hashtag campaign or join one. For example Coca-Cola started a campaign #ShareACoke around the festive season with some gifts and a bottle of coca-cola. This helped them in gaining audience interest and compelled them to make a purchase.


With a brand image you help the audiences in identifying Your identity-defining Who you are Meaning of your brand- What are you? Your relation with them- What about you and me? When you landed on twitter you objective was to increase eCommerce sales through digital marketing and to achieve the goals you need to build a strong brand image. Your twitter profile serves this purpose.


Make sure your twitter profile is updated with your brand activities TWITTER HANDLE - use your company name. If the name is already taken try to jumble it with a number but make sure it remains simple PROFILE PICTURE – Use the company logo HEADER IMAGE - try to put your company slogan or an image that reflects your business BIO - Twitter gives you 160 characters length to describe your business. Don’t make it too fancy to understand, use your words wisely. Use proper keywords according to your target audience.

Attract followers the smarter way :

Attract followers the smarter way

Attract Twitter followers and increase Return On Investment.:

Attract Twitter followers and increase Return On Investment. Once you get through the basics of setting up the profile and understanding the perspective and aura of twitter, then you should focus on attracting followers. The target audience of your niche who like to buy online from online stores. Never ever buy followers from and Twitter marketing company, they are mostly inactive users and of no use. Also, do not mass follow people in the hope of getting follow back, this will decrease your brand value.

Focus on following brand activities:

Focus on following brand activities Become a Knowledge Source: Share high quality and regular content. Your tweets should have a purpose to solve. Share tips and become the only account for everything in your category. Market with Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is the most famous way to drive traffic. Write quality guest posts and blogs based on the topics you serve and add your twitter handle in the bio. Keep posting regularly. Acknowledge Re-Tweets: Whenever you get retweets acknowledge them with a like and reply back with a thank you message. This will help you gain the trust of your followers and gain more! Twitter Chats: Organise twitter chats on regular basis, this will help you build a strong relationship between you and your audience. This will give you an opportunity to solve people issues, answer the queries and know your audience better like what they want and as an online store what they expect from you.

Structure Your Tweets:

Structure Your Tweets Twitter has set a limit of 280 characters in the tweets, but still has lots of ways to drive in an engagement like Retweets, Replies, and Favourite. The structure of tweets is the important thing, few things to keep in mind are Link Placement - If you tweet has links place it at the start of the tweet. Tweets containing the link in for 50 characters attract more audiences. Hashtags – Use a proper hashtag that will dive in more likes and retweets. Try to use at least 3 #hashtags. Quote - Tweets with quotation mark gets 30% more traffic. Images - Support your tweet with images and according to the research a visual content is likely to get 200% more retweet.

Structure Your Tweets:

Structure Your Tweets These were the best practices to be followed that will boost your Return on Investment (ROI). If you have an online store support it well with a digital marketing strategy. Getting sales from twitter requires a long-term strategy, you need to focus on your followers and attract new followers. These days most of the online store builders help you in setting up your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Take full advantage of it! Promote well with SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY and drive more eCommerce sales.

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