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There is a time when you are performing your daily home cleaning routine and you forget that corners do exist. Not an issue, most of the people tend to overlook the corners, so you are not just the one.


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Home Cleaning Tips for Hard-to-reach Place: Surely you regularly clean your home to maintain hygiene and freshness but how do you maintain cleanliness of hard-to-reach corners of your house. There is a time when you are performing your daily home cleaning routine and you forget that corners do exist. Not an issue most of the people tend to overlook the corners so you are not just the one. But what and where exactly these areas are and methods to clean them so as to get complete home cleaning outcome. Look inside the blog presented by TheMaids.in and have a glance over the commonly overlooked spots of your home. This blog will not just show you the areas that are overlooked but will even provide a few professional tips for cleaning them. Knowing ways for cleaning ceiling will help you in reducing the level of dust floating around the home floor and keep your room clean. Like most of the cleaning sections and projects it might consume more efforts for the first time as ceilings might be overloaded with dust and grimes. Once this ceiling cleaning becomes part of your regular home cleaning then trust me it will just take minutes to clean it. This ceiling cleaning as a part of regular home cleaning will result in less floating dust in your home that enhances the health of your home home assets and you. It is always a better idea to start home cleaning with ceiling first since the dust falling while dusting will settle over walls home appliances and floors that can be further cleaned. When cleaning the ceilings don’t put an extra effort on climbing up and down on a ladder. Instead be a smart home cleaner and use a long-handled duster with better cleaning bristles to remove dust. Yes it is difficult to remove the stubborn dust over ceiling fans but these hand dusters can ease your ceiling fan

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cleaning even. Just add a clean microfiber towel to them and raise bit above the level of ceiling fan wings and then bring down to get placement over wings. Slowly move the duster back and forth to capture dust in a towel and then bring the duster down to clean the towel for next use. Still professionals have their own tips to clean ceiling fans and is below presented. Ceiling fan cleaning: Important part of home cleaning If the fan is used most of the days when there is a lesser chance for dust settlement over the fan but as the fan stops for few days you will notice a good layer of dust resting over your fan. These dust accumulate over the fan from ventilators and exhausts. Figuring the best way of ceiling cleaning can be tricky as ceilings of few homes are lower and some are higher. Fortunately you need not to think of balancing on chairs table or ladder. Now you can easily get ceiling fan duster which extends to the required height. The best part of using these dusters is they easily wrap around the fan blades so you don’t need to spin them around for cleaning fans. • Wipe every corner and blades of the fan. • If the fan is low enough you can easily wipe off the dust using a wet cloth. • The dust over the floor can be cleaned using a vacuum. Kitchen cabinet Cleaning: Must-Have Part of Kitchen Cleaning There are certain areas of the kitchen that are more exposed to dirt allergens and grease. Regular home cleaning cannot even bring complete cleanliness to them. There are people who invest their money in getting professional kitchen cleaning on a regular basis. Yes regular kitchen cleaning in- depth is a difficult task but you can manage it on a weekly basis. Kitchen cabinets are the point of focus of every house. So when they get dirty it can be easily noticed. Watermarks food splatters and fingerprints are the main reason that hampers the look of your kitchen cabinets. Home cleaning is waste if you have forgotten to clean the cabinets due to a bit of laziness. TheMaids.in understand that you run a shortage of time to maintain proper home

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cleaning this blog brings many tricks to maintaining hygiene of your kitchen by thorough kitchen cabinet cleaning. You might know every hack to clean areas outside the cabinets but have you ever cleared your cabinets to check what’s inside it. So to clean your cabinet chores and organize your cabinet below are a few points to follow: • Remove all the things like kettles pots and plates from the top of the cabinets and place them over a clean towel at some other place. Here starts the kitchen part of home cleaning. TIP: don’t place things below the cabinet or near the cabinet area as while dusting dust will fall over them making items dirty. • Using duster dust the cabinet properly to free them of dust and grimes. • Then again using a wet towel wipe the cabinet to remove any small leftover dirt particle and then place your items back after drying. • Use mild fresher to keep cabinet fresh for longer time. • Lastly clean the area by your cabinet side. Cleaning Behind the Toilet: Compulsory Home Cleaning Segment Behind the toilet is the most difficult area to clean and people often forget that. It is one of the hard- to-reach places when it comes to home cleaning. It can be a challenging task as commodes are typically placed back up to the walls. But it needs to be cleaned properly as it is a humid area which can be born place to many microbes. Tips for cleaning behind the toilet section are: • Use handheld broom for sweeping up any debris hair or other shampoo or pad packets from that area. • Mist the bowl using vinegar and wipe that away using a clean towel.

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• When the mop the floor and then dip the dry microfiber cloth in the cleaning solution. Wring the towel so that it is not so oversaturated and then wipe off the places where mop fails to reach. Upholstery cleaning: Removing Pet hair is Important No doubt everyone loves to have a pet but these pet leave behind hair over the furniture bed carpet and sofa. Learn how this basic upholstery cleaning is an important segment of home cleaning as they can be a reason to allergies over the skin. Things that you need to remove pet hair: • Tape roller • Vacuum having an upholstery attachment • Tape Step to perform upholstery cleaning: • For removing the pet hair from upholstery start the process using a vacuum having an attachment of accessories used for upholstery cleaning. • Another effective option is a bit time consuming but is quite effective. Simply take a pet rake like brushes tape roller or tap wrap and use across using a hand. Further slowly apply light stroke for removing the pet hair.

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Conclusion: These hard-to-reach places are exposed to more dirt dust microbes and grime than any other segment of home. Frequently home cleaning along with cleaning these areas will not only save your bucks but will even maintain the hygiene of the house. Once every 6 months prefer to go for deep home cleaning. So what option you prefer to use to get your home cleaned Let us know in Themaids.in the blog comment section so that we can understand your preference better.

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