How to Break a Fever in Natural Ways

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We all have been gone through this stage (fever) and we had followed all the to break the fever but you won't believe that there are some natural ways which could easily break your fever. For breaking a Fever you need to follow the presentation and also follow the steps as mentioned in the Presentation. Visit this website for more information.


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How to Break a Fever in Natural Ways

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In this Presentation we will learn about some home remedies which can help us to get rid of the fever.

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Natural Ways to To Break Fever ● Get Sufficient Rest:- Taking rest is even more important than medication. So take care of this especially with the kids. ● Go Chilling And Take A Cool Shower:- Taking a bath has been seen as an expert measure to lower down the body temperature in case it gets high beyond a certain level. ● Keep The Body Hydrated:- Increase the water and fluid intake as much as you can.This would generate heat inside the body and would lead to sweating which helps the body to bring the temperature down.

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Home Remedies to To Break Fever ● Basil:- This easily available herb has strong antibiotic properties and can have quick curative effects on fever. ● Go Herbal:- Prepare a strong herbal tea with chamomile peppermint or catnip. All of these ingredients will act strongly counteractive against fever. ● Slice it down with Potatoes:- Peel a potato and dip its slices in Vinegar for a while. Place these slices on the forehead and cover it with a wet wrap. Do it for 30 minutes and you will see immediate results. ● Garlic Cloves:- Garlic cloves can increase the level of perspiration to a great extent. So why not try it on your Fever.

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● Lemon and honey:- It is the greatest detoxifying agents can help stimulate the ongoing process of detoxification. Prepare a combination of lemon juice honey and extracts of ginger. ● Treat with Turmeric:- This remedy have the huge healing effects. A hot cup of milk with a pinch of turmeric and black pepper could be the only solution you would need. ● Lemongrass:- A cup of boiling water add finely chopped lemon grass stir it strain it and have it. Let the strong antipyretic properties of Lemon grass act on your fever. ● Sandalwood:- Garlic cloves can increase the level of perspiration to a great extent. So why not try it on your Fever.

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