How To Tell If You Have High Cheekbones!

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High Cheekbones are very attracted according to our Society. Do you have High cheek and Do you want to know how to get high cheekbones...!!! If you don't have high cheekbones then you don't need to worry as. I am here going to tell you how you can get high cheekbones and how to find if you already have high cheekbones. Follow this link you will see the article written by me. I hope you will like my presentation and also you will get the high attracting cheekbones. Thank you!


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How To Tell If You Have High Cheekbones

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Why Do People Like High Cheekbones Anyway According to our society and living standard of High class standard people “High Cheekbones” girls considered as a “Beauty standard” just like girls who have long legs long hair etc. But it’s not only about society when it comes to this one in fact there is also a biological standpoint Also High cheekbones create a symmetrical face and science backs that right up Symmetrical faces are actually considered more beautiful than their asymmetrical counterparts.

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High Cheekbones VS Low Cheekbones High cheekbones are either directly below the eye or near the upper part of the nose. Low cheekbones are more towards the base of the nose and for some people they might even be beneath the nose

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What Do Cheek Shapes Even Mean High Cheekbones:- In some Asian cultures high cheekbones are considered as an indication of a powerful personality. That’s because they are usually found on courageous and determined people. In the United States high cheekbones are desirable people believe that high cheekbones mean that you’re smarter or more successful Low Cheekbones:- People with low cheekbones also have depressed or indented cheeks which is identified with working excessively or looking discouraged. People with low cheekbones are experience difficulty getting individuals hear them out and they are often confused with people that might be mentally stressed

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How To Tell If You Have High Cheekbones Step 1. All you need to do is to just stand in front of a mirror under some bright light. Also do keep in mind to remove your makeup Step2. Place your thumb directly above your ear tragus the small nub thingy that sticks out and then place the index finger just below your nostril. Next move your thumb and your index finger towards each other. The line that is drawn by these two moving fingers is exactly where your cheekbone is Step3. Finally once you know where your cheekbones are you need to carefully observe their position on the face. If it’s the former then you have high cheekbones else you have low cheekbones

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What will you need 1. Brushes 2. Blush 3. Foundation 4. Bronzing or contour powder 5. Highlighter

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Follow These Steps To Get Those High Cheekbones: ● Suck your cheeks in and find the hollows of your cheek ● Plan your contour ● Use a bronzer ● Add some color apply blush ● Choose a highlighter

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