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N A T U R A L O R G A N I C S K I N C A R E D O N E R I G H T Organic skin care is highly important these days considering the fact that we are surrounded by chemicals nearly wherever we go. This is the reason organic skin care tips have become essential. In this post I am going to share some of those tips that you can use at home. 1. Banana and eggs for hair When talking about bananas scrumptious shakes and pies would probably be what comes to mind. However you will be amazed to know that banana along with eggs is such a great combination for hair health. Mix an egg with mashed banana apply onto your hair and just keep it for half an hour or so. And that’s it Natural and shiny hair with these natural ingredients 2. Honey face mask You wouldn’t think honey could be the best ingredient for moisturising the face Honey has got anti-bacterial properties which help soften the skin a great deal Use a tablespoon of raw honey for a week on your face and you will see a significant change in such a short time. Try it out for yourself

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3. Orange for skin We all have trouble exfoliating our knees and elbows don’t we So what’s the best cure Orange can be an amazing exfoliator that can help you get rid of the patchy skin from your elbows and knees. Simply cut an orange in half and apply it on your skin you’ll be surprised to see your skin begin to glow in no time 4. Sea salt for body Trust me there is lot more you can do with a pinch of salt than just put it in food. Add a pinch of salt in olive oil and it will work wonders as a natural body scrub. Get rid of dead skin and get a softer glowing and revitalised skin. These natural organic skin care products all present in your kitchen convenient much Employ these tips for a naturally glowing skin and body that you always wanted. Head over to for the best of the lot in organic skin care products.

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