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My favorite music : 

My favorite music By: Jacob Case

Awsome music : 

Awsome music Rock is my favorite music I love rock because it is the best

My least favorite music : 

My least favorite music Rap is my least favorite I don’t like it because most of it makes no sense

Rock n roll : 

Rock n roll Rock started in 1951 Elvis Presley is the most famous and changed rock and he made rock famous

80’s : 

80’s Michael Jackson is one of the bigest artists in the 80’s

Heavy metal : 

Heavy metal

Pop : 

Pop pop particularly associated with the rock and roll and later rock style. Michael Jackson was the most famous pop artist he made pop what it is

AC/DC : 

AC/DC AC/DC was formed in December, 1973, in Australia In 2003 AC/DC became popular

Ozzy Osborne : 

Ozzy Osborne 1968 when he formed the band that would soon become the ever-famous Black Sabbath.

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