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North Carolina : 

North Carolina By: Jacob Case

North Carolina : 

North Carolina

State flag : 

State flag On May 20, 1861, the day that the secession resolution was adopted by the state of North Carolina, an ordinance to adopt a state flag was presented by Colonel John D. Whitford. A committee of seven was formed with Colonel Whitford appointed chairman. The original ordinance stated that "...the flag of this State shall be a blue field with a white V thereon, and a star, encirling which shall be the words, "Sirgit astrum, May 20, 1775."

State flower : 

State flower The Dogwood is one of the most prevalent trees in our State and can be found in all parts of the State from the mountains to the coast. Its blossoms, which appear in early spring and continue on into summer, are most often found in white, although shades of pink (red) are not uncommon

State motto : 

State motto “Esse Quam Videri” It means “To be, rather then to seem”

State song : 

State song The Old North State We adopted as the official state song of North Carolina on February 27, 1927

State bird : 

State bird The Cardinal was selected by popular choice as the State Bird on March 4, 1943. The Cardinal is sometimes called the Winter Redbird because it is most noticeable during the winter when it is the only "redbird" present

Interesting facts : 

Interesting facts Highest Point 6,684 feet (Mount Mitchell) Rank 16th Lowest Point sea level (Atlantic Ocean) Rank 3rd Ten Largest Cities by Population(U.S. Census, April, 2000) 1. Charlotte 540,828                         6. Fayetteville 121,015 2. Raleigh 276,093                           7. Cary 94,536 3. Greensboro 223,891                     8. High Point 85,839 4. Durham 187,035                          9. Wilmington 75,838 5. Winston-Salem 185,776              10. Asheville 68,889

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