Shamanic Healing- Basics of Shamanic Healing

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Are you interested in knowing about Shamanic Healing and the process involved? Read the presentation and find basic information regarding Shamanic Healing.


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Shamanic healing is considered to be one of the oldest healing practices. Archeologists find civilizations, where it is evident that healing techniques existed for thousands of years.

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Shamanic healing processes are energy based therapies. This practice comes from shamanic belief that says that everything has energy. And, when something is wrong with one's body or mind certain energy healing practices can be followed to bring improvement .

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A well-trained shamanic practitioner sees health issues connected to ones energy and will find ways to help create balance and better health. The practitioner may suggest the client practice various shamanic rites and rituals.

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The client should be responsible to perform these action points as suggested by the practitioner and make him /her ready for a change towards a positive and healthy life.

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During an energy healing session the practitioner may use rattles, drums, chimes, chanting and songs. The practitioner may also use feathers as well as a kind of incense by burning herbs known as ‘Sacred Smudge’.

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Do you wish to participate in Shamanic healing or learn about Shamanic Healing? Visit: Address: The Four Winds Society P.O. Box 330397 Coconut Grove FL 33233 Fax: 435-647-5905

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