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The Exotic Bean comes up with a wide range of coffee beans that you can examine with us. We are a suitable coffee distributor that can offer you the most desirable organic coffee that you are looking for. Our coffee beans are 100% organic and they provide the ultimate drinking experience.


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Welcome to The Exotic Bean! The Exotic Bean was founded due to the owners love of coffee and for traveling to Thailand. While there he noticed that the local coffees were outstanding, like nothing he had ever had. Upon returning home he quickly discovered these coffees were nowhere to be found in the US . Due to their ideal climate these rare coffees have been grown for centuries in Thailand. Thailand’s warm, dry winters and hot, wet summers are ideal for growing high quality coffee. The coffee grown on these farms are often naturally shaded by banana, mango and other fruit trees influencing the coffees flavor, eliminating much of the acidity and bitterness normally found with most coffees .

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Why Sustainable Coffee? With the increasing popularity of organic food products and growing awareness among people for the safety of their environment or ecosystem, there has been a skyrocketing surge in the demand of organic fruits and vegetables and even organic beverages. Millions of people start their day with a cup of coffee that is an excellent beverage known to provide several health benefits. Consuming three cups of coffee a day will not only provide you an instant surge of energy but will cut down the risk of heart and liver disease and also lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

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Why Shade Grown Coffee? First of all, organic coffee tastes amazing and offers the ultimate coffee drinking experience to individuals. It provides the ultimate glow to people and makes them relish some exclusive time. On top of it, organic coffee like birth friendly coffee has something special to make you feel awesome. The best part about it takes care of the environment and makes us and birds breathe safely. Grown in a safe atmosphere, organic coffee has everything to offer you the ultimate taste. Get the best coffee drinking experience with us and enrich some special moments. The best part of such type of coffee is that it doesn’t contain any side effect of chemicals and you can enjoy it as much as you want . Eco-Friendly Coffee – The best part about bird friendly coffee is that it is built in an eco-friendly environment that would offer you ultimate coffee beans. By safeguarding the 100% recyclable cups, it would make you feel confident. The best part about such sustainable coffee is that it doesn’t contain any artificial chemicals. The bird friendly coffee is produced in a natural atmosphere, not in empty farmland.

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So, it gives shelter to birds and this is the reason why it is called as bird friend coffee. The natural coffee beans contain all necessary ingredients that taste awesome. You can just sit back and relax and enjoy the sips from the coffee mug. This is going to amuse you and make you feel better than ever . Buy Locally : There is an option to buy eco-friendly coffee in local markets to get a fair deal. Getting local products are cheaper as there is no or less transportation and labor cost. So, it can save your huge bucks while getting the same quality coffee beans. This way, it would be awesome for you to cherish some special moments and fulfill your beverage drinking desire. Coffee beans with ultimate drinking experience have their own charm that you can think to experience often. Experience A Different Taste : This type of coffee tastes very different that you can’t find in other coffees. The ultimate pleasure of experience the unique coffee is surely going to astonish your mood and make you chill out some special time. Think to get such an outstanding coffee and cherish its immense fun. If you have never experienced organic coffee, I would suggest you go for it once.

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Refreshing Coffee Beans : If you want mood-refreshing coffee beans that can rejuvenate you and give you extreme energy, the birth friendly coffee is an ideal option for you that you can check out. The immense pleasure that such coffee beans offer is highly commendable. Various health benefits are also provided by organic coffee that you should not neglect and try drinking amazing beverage often. This way, it would be good for you to feel refreshed and enjoy a great time.

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Benefits of Organic Direct Trade Coffee Health benefits One can get the amazing health benefits of coffee only when the coffee beans are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides and they are grown organically. Organic, shade grown coffee uses the natural plant decay or the biological debris that not only replenishes soil nutrients but also makes coffee tasty and healthy. Promotes Ecological Conservation and Sustainability With the large scale deforestation required to prepare lands for conventional coffee plantations, it really makes a significant harmful effect on the environment. However, coffee grown in cool areas at high altitudes under the canopy of forest does not require such destructive effects on the environment. They promote ecological health and harmony.

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As they prevent soil erosion due to the presence of many root systems and maintains the humus content of the soil by adding natural fertilizers, hence they are the best for the environment as well. Besides this, the organically grown coffee is also bird friendly coffee as the forest provides a good habitat to birds and these birds eat away the pests that may destroy the coffee crop . Better Taste than Conventional Coffee Coffee plants naturally grow in cool environment preferably under the canopy of a forest. In the cool environment that may be gained from the high altitude and shade, coffee beans grow denser and have more flavor and acidity. This makes them taste better and more healthy as well. So, make it a point to purchase only organic, tasteful and shade-grown coffee from the market or the leading supplier. For more information and services feel free to click on the link

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