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Avoid these Ideas in Home Remodel, in the PDF here is the outdated Home Decor Trends of 2018. Check out the latest Trends at https://www.brickslipsdirect.co.uk/


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Outdated Home Decor Trends Home décor trends keep changing with time and it is up to us to keep up with the trends. To quote a few examples traditional photo frames are now being replaced by digital photo frames music speakers are replaced by smart home speakers and people can also opt for smart lights now to change the lighting directly from their mobile phones. Let us have a look at the outdated home décor trends: 1. Open Floor Plans – This is one of the biggest trends that is on its way out. One big open room does not work anymore. It is about respecting the privacy of every person living in the house which is why walls are making a big comeback. 2. Use of Word Art – Word arts were big in home décor trends until recently when beautiful pieces of artwork and photographs replaced them. 3. Bold Graphic Wallpaper – Although graphic wallpapers are still doing the rounds it is advisable to stay away from bold patterns. It can make your room look smaller and overcrowded. People are leaning more towards embracing the colour green – tropical wallpapers are quite the trend now. Also since people can now buy timber cladding online people are leaning towards more natural options of home décor. 4. Plain Walls –Although nothing can take away the importance of painted walls people are gradually switching to alternate modes. Brick slips are the latest trend doing the rounds. It looks extremely stylish and the best part is that you can buy brick slips online. They

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come in different colours and varieties and are the perfect addition to your house. Opt for some stylish home décor options and make your house the latest flavour of the season.

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