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Garden Waste Management and its Advantages


INTRODUCTION If you have garden around your house and office premises, we are sure you might even be looking for ways in which you can manage its waste. Often it is seen that the waste is not disposed in the right manner which in turn harms the environment and brings down the fertility of the soil. The best way to deal with such a situation is to switch to garden waste management to not only keep the premises clean but also avoid harming the environment.

How will garden waste management help?:

How will garden waste management help? Usually the waste from your garden, which comprises of leaves, bark of the trees, twigs and branches are mixed with the everyday household waste and disposed off. This waste in dumped in the landfills, where the organic waste decomposes anareobically, i.e. in the absence of oxygen. The result of this process is that toxic gases like methane are produced which in turn contributes to global warming. Apart from harmful gases, leachate – liquid is also produced.


Leachate is composed of chemicals which has the potential of polluting water ways and groundwater and therefore needs to be handled with care.


Garden waste management , on the other hand, is a method which allows you to get rid of the waste in the most eco-friendly manner.


It recycles the garden waste without sending it to landfills, thereby bringing down the emissions of green gas as well as leachate production. This is done by composting the waste. The main aim of composting the waste is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle the waste. This way the volume in landfills will be reduced, water and air pollution can be reduced as well as the creation of green house gases can also be brought down.


Composting takes the remains of the plants, garden and kitchen waste and turns it into a nutrient rich food for your plants. A natural bio-degradation process, composting is quite easy to do and is used for organic farming.


CONCLUSION In this process the waste is allowed to sit in one place for months, until it is decomposed by microbes. Though the process is time-taking it is worth the effort as the fertility of the soil improves drastically.

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