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The Cromer Law Group, PLLC is aggressive in handling employment discrimination, divorce, small business and criminal defense cases. If you need an experienced and affordable attorney in Michigan - then call today for FREE consult!


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Aggressive and Affordable Michigan Lawyers – Going To Battle For Your Rights http://thecromerlawgroup.com


About -US The Cromer Law Group, PLLC, attorneys are experienced and aggressive advocates of the law, who strive to deliver exceptional professional legal services. Areas Of Practice Civil Rights Litigation Police Misconduct/Assault/Brutality Sexual Harassment Employment Discrimination and Retaliation Family Law - Divorce (Online Infidelity and Cheating Spouses, Separation Agreements, Annulments, Assets Location, Confidentiality Agreements, Alimony and Child Support, Custody and Enforcement Law) http://thecromerlawgroup.com


We Are Specializes In : Employment Law - If you have experienced workplace discrimination, The Cromer Law Group PLLC can help you explore your legal options and enforce your employee rights. Police Brutality and Police Misconduct - The aggressive attorneys at The Cromer Law Group, PLLC, have the skill, experience and interest to pursue cases involving all civil rights violations Personal Injury - The Cromer Law Group, PLLC to discuss the best legal strategies or options regarding your personal injury matter. http://thecromerlawgroup.com Divorce And Family Law - At The Cromer Law Group PLLC, our experienced divorce lawyers sit down and explain the entire divorce/separation process to each of our clients.


We Are Specializes In : Business Law - The Cromer Law Group, PLLC, offers clients several ways to handle a legal emergency. Bankruptcy - The Cromer Law Group PLLC represents clients from the Metro-Detroit area who are filing Bankruptcy in Michigan. http://thecromerlawgroup.com Sexual Harassment - If you are facing such an accusation, even if you have not yet been formally charged, you should discuss your situation with The Cromer Law Group PLLC.

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http://thecromerlawgroup.com Frequently Asked Questions – The Cromer Law Group PLLC The Cromer Law Group PLLC attorney always ready to help their clients through their best legal services At Michigan. Do we have reasonable payment plans and arrangements? - The attorneys at The Cromer Law Group PLLC, understand that during these difficult financial times many people in Michigan are facing, it may be hard to come up with the usually large retainers many lawyers require before they accept your case. Is the first consultation FREE of charge? Yes -You can contact our office to make arrangements to have an attorney discuss your case for FREE. At The Cromer Law Group PLLC, it is our pleasure to assist you and your legal needs in a professional and courtesy manner. Call today!

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Contact US THE CROMER LAW GROUP PLLC 24901 NORTHWESTERN HWY., SUITE 612 SOUTHFIELD MICHIGAN, 48075 (313) 213-5875 (248) 587-7344 rcromerjr@thecromerlawgroup.com http://thecromerlawgroup.com

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Visit Again ! http://thecromerlawgroup.com

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