Keeping your Vinyl Siding Look New

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There is nothing like relaxing on your porch on a beautiful summer day, taking in the beauty of your home and its surroundings. Then your eyes wander briefly on the vinyl siding of your home, and you feel something is wrong.


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Keeping your Vinyl Siding Look New There is nothing like relaxing on your porch on a beautiful summer day taking in the beauty of your home and its surroundings. Then your eyes wander briefly on the vinyl siding of your home and you feel something is wrong. What was pristine last month now looks dirty and unsightly. Vinyl siding is indeed beautiful and durable but over time pollen dirt grime and pollution can cause it to look old and worn. Luckily it is easy to clean and restore its original looks. Cleaning vinyl siding Vinyl siding is the easiest of all types of siding to maintain.  Wash regularly: Most manufacturers recommend washing the siding regularly with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush. Areas of the exterior that are mainly in the shade or in proximity to dampness may require special attention because of any mold and mildew that may have developed.

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 Use the right cleaning solution: Make sure you use the right cleaning solution. The detergent you use in your home may remove dirt from the siding but it could damage the vinyl. Check the ingredients of the cleaning solvents and the manufacturers recommendation. Cleaning agents that contain bleach liquid grease remover polish remover organic solvents or furniture polish should be avoided as these ingredients could damage the finish of the siding.  Be wary of chemicals: Insecticides fertilizers and other chemicals that are used in the yard could cause the siding stains and discoloration. When it happens so wash the affected area immediately with warm water and a safe cleaning solution. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to remove the stain.  Inspect the siding every six months: A storm or a carelessly thrown ball could have caused a crack/hole or loosened a vinyl piece making it easy for accumulation of dirt. Left unattended promptly this kind of damage could spread to other areas. It is necessary therefore to inspect the siding carefully at least once in six months. Pressure cleaning All the cleaning tips given above are Do-It-Yourself recommendations that you can carry out yourself. It may even be tempting for you to rent a pressure cleaning equipment and do the job yourself. However like many DIY jobs the results could be complications of the original problems and could even turn out to be dangerous. It is not only that injury from pressure cleaning equipment is common but also that the siding could suffer serious damage. Some types of siding may not be compatible with pressure cleaning there may be limitations on the

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amount of pressure or the types of cleaning agents required. Any mistake on your part could lead to damage that will necessitate huge repair bills. A DIY job could never ever match the quality of work done by professionals. A reputed professional cleaning company has the expertise and experience in matters of the level of pressure to use the spots where it should be applied and the right cleaning agents required. You are not going to pressure clean the siding every month and so when you decide to do it it makes sense to get the best results delivered by experts. The Cleaning Partners 3182 Campus Dr. Suite 422 San Mateo CA 94403 650 – 556 - 5026

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