A Word on Preparation and Test Score for SAT

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Are you passed out of the school and now worried about you higher education that you plan to pursue overseas? You are at a perfect spot to know about SAT examination preparation and the scores required for you to get yourself that seat in university abroad.


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A Word on Preparation and Test Score for SAT In order to judge a students competitiveness and likelihood to succeed in a course that you are aspiring for at an esteemed university abroad Scholastic Aptitude T est or SAT a standardized test was designed with a pre-defned syllabus to test your critical thinking critical reading writing and analytical skills. If you are looking for specialization in the felds such as English Literature World History Mathematics Biology or Chemistry then SAT preparation is what your frst steps have to The SAT test score ranges from 400 to 1600 combining the test scores from two 800-point sections of Mathematics- Critical reading and Writing. According to the new and latest pattern your test score of 1000 out of 1600 is deemed as average score while score of 1200 or above will keep you in much better position. Set with the latest test duration of 3 hours plus 50 minutes for essay the SAT test costs about US52.50. Let us have an understanding of the important SAT test preparation tips that you are defnitely going to need to elevate your test scores for better opportunities:

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• There is only one correct answer so learn eliminating all others. • Note all your errors and mistakes and watch out for any specifc pattern. • While preparing for the reading section be aware of the contexts and the connotations in the words to eliminate wrong options from the answers. • Master the art of Skim reading the passages. • Key Points • Memorize important formulas. • Grammar. Read to know more : http://www.thechopras.com/sat- overview.html The Chopras Email-ebqueriesthechopras.com Contact No :- +91-09654127016 Visit us: www.thechopras.com

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