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Strategic Plan:

Strategic Plan Presented by Laura Burke For HHS 6922, Planning and Fiscal Management April 2016

Strategic Goals:

Overall goal to be ranked # 1 pediatric RT Department in the United States !!! Strategic Goals

How will we accomplish these Goals?:

How will we accomplish these Goals?

Initiate and agree on process:

Initiate and agree on process

Identify Mandates or Instructions:

Identify Mandates or Instructions

Clarify Mandates & Mission:

Make sure the Rules will lead to success! Does the current mission statement support the goals and rules? Clarify Mandates & Mission


Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats SWOT ANALYSIS

Identify Issues & Formulate Strategies:

Steps 5 & 6 are together. What problems will and can occur? How do we prepare to address these problems? Identify Issues & Formulate Strategies

Review and Adopt Plan:

Board reviews strategic plan. Hopefully the strategic plan will be approved. If approved move forward. Review and Adopt Plan

Establish Vision:

Establish Vision

Implement Process and Evaluate:

Implement Process and Evaluate


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