Staying on Top As America's Best Car: Toyota Camry 2018

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Presentation Description | The 2018 Toyota Camry features an impressive, sporty visual redesign and superior engineering that improves vehicle safety and handling. Learn more about the new Camry here.


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America has no shortage of options when it comes to midsize sedans. Yet year after year American buyers make the Toyota Camry the bestselling vehicle in its class shunning the competition for a vehicle they know is both reliable and affordable.

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Given the Camry’s enduring popularity it would be easy for Toyota to simply churn out the same vehicle year after year. With the recent unveiling of the 2018 Toyota Camry however Toyota announced that it plans to do anything but rest on its laurels.

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The 2018 Toyota Camry was unveiled recently at the Detroit Auto Show one of the most important annual auto industry events. Despite nearly every major auto company bringing their best new designs to the show it was the reliable Camry that garnered the most attention and praise from shocked press and enthusiasts.

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The most obvious change to the 2018 Camry is its appearance. Shedding the functional but plain sedan look that it’s borne for so long the redesigned Camry instead takes its cues from sports cars and luxury vehicles featuring a sleeker front-end design a wider frame and a lower hood and roofline.

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Another important change to the 2018 Camry is the switch to Toyota New Global Architecture which incorporates more high- strength steel into the body and uses new molding technologies. This makes the car stronger safer and easier to handle without adding much additional weight.

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To power the newly redesigned Camry Toyota is offering drivers three great engine options: a 2.5- liter four and a 3.5-liter V6 which both come with a new eight-speed automatic transmission and an eco-friendly fuel-conscious hybrid powertrain.

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Toyota has also made sure to make the 2018 Camry the safest version yet incorporating such safety features as a pre-collision warning system pedestrian detection adaptive cruise control lane departure warning and correction automatic high-beam assist and ten airbags.

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For 15 years running the Camry has been America’s bestselling car model. With the 2018 Camry promising to be better than any previous version the Camry’s reign as America’s favorite car is sure to continue many years into the future.

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Summary The 2018 Toyota Camry features an impressive sporty visual redesign and superior engineering that improves vehicle safety and handling. Learn more about the new Camry here.

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