Grand Bethel Girls 04-05

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The slideshow as it was played at our outgoing luncheon. Grand Bethel 2005, Palm Springs, CA. Tomorrow is Today, Waiting to Happen. Grand Bethel Officers and Representatives 2004-2005.


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Grand Bethel Girls 2004-2005:

Grand Bethel Girls 2004-2005 Tomorrow is Today, Waiting to Happen

Slide 2:

Grand Bethel Officers and Representatives 2004-2005

Picking Our Offices:

Picking Our Offices

Big and Little Luncheon:

Big and Little Luncheon

Grand Bethel Installation:

Grand Bethel Installation

Sleep over before July Oakhurst:

Sleep over before July Oakhurst

Our first road trip… Oakhurst or Bust:

Our first road trip… Oakhurst or Bust

July Oakhurst:

July Oakhurst

Supreme Bethel 2004:

Supreme Bethel 2004

Nor Cal Boat Dance:

Nor Cal Boat Dance

SCJ DeMolay Conclave:

SCJ DeMolay Conclave

More Conclave :

More Conclave

Mandy and Jenny’s Reception:

Mandy and Jenny’s Reception

Megan’s Reception:

Megan’s Reception

Grand Lodge:

Grand Lodge

Sara’s Reception:

Sara’s Reception

Kourtney’s Reception:

Kourtney’s Reception

Sparkle’s Reception:

Sparkle’s Reception

Road Trips…:

Road Trips…

Jennica’s Reception:

Jennica’s Reception

Tanna’s Reception:

Tanna’s Reception

Hangin’ with the girls:

Hangin’ with the girls

Cameo’s Reception :

Cameo’s Reception

Nor Cal DeMolay Convention:

Nor Cal DeMolay Convention

Nor Cal Convention 2:

Nor Cal Convention 2

Kristy’s Reception:

Kristy’s Reception

January Oakhurst:

January Oakhurst

…more January Oakhurst:

…more January Oakhurst

Jennifer’s Reception:

Jennifer’s Reception

April and Alivia’s Reception:

April and Alivia’s Reception

Amy’s Reception:

Amy’s Reception



Ashley and Jackie’s Reception:

Ashley and Jackie’s Reception



Supreme Officer’s Reception:

Supreme Officer’s Reception

Stephanie’s Reception:

Stephanie’s Reception

Samantha’s Reception:

Samantha’s Reception



Heather’s Reception:

Heather’s Reception

Whitney and Katie’s Reception:

Whitney and Katie’s Reception

Carri and Stephanie’s Reception:

Carri and Stephanie’s Reception

Liz and Bree’s Reception:

Liz and Bree’s Reception

Grand Assembly:

Grand Assembly



Rachel’s Event:

Rachel’s Event

Just hanging out:

Just hanging out

Kacie and Cameron’s Reception:

Kacie and Cameron’s Reception

Becky’s Reception:

Becky’s Reception

Aimee and Danni’s Reception:

Aimee and Danni’s Reception

Sarah’s Reception:

Sarah’s Reception

Amelia’s Reception:

Amelia’s Reception

Madelyn’s Reception:

Madelyn’s Reception

Tonya and Rachel’s Reception:

Tonya and Rachel’s Reception

Tatiana’s Reception:

Tatiana’s Reception

Funny girls, funny faces:

Funny girls, funny faces

Kelly’s Reception:

Kelly’s Reception

Morgan’s Reception:

Morgan’s Reception

Emy Lou’s Reception:

Emy Lou’s Reception

Kristie’s Reception:

Kristie’s Reception

To our littles::

To our littles: The Grand Bethel Girls of 2004-2005 wish you the best of luck in your year and hope that you look forward to tomorrow. Just remember, if ever you think something is to hard in life, all you have to do is look within and dream!

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