Everyday Life Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAVs) Drone Applications


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http://ultimate-uav.com/ Drones have applications in everyday life range from aerial filming to building construction monitoring. Ultimate UAV, drone manufacturer based in Dubai brought you easy to use and most efficient multicopter storm x8. We have state-of-the- art maintenance and spare parts shop. We offer uav pilot training with practical training using simulators


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Everyday Life UAV Drones:

Everyday Life UAV Drones

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D rones are pilotless aircraft formally known as UAVs, remotely controlled by a human

Explore Drones :

Explore Drones Drones have applications in aerial shooting and photography, real estate construction monitoring, mining survey , a id purposes, precision agriculture, cartography, aerial  surveillance to name a few

Ultimate UAV :

Ultimate UAV We are the most sought after Drone manufacturers in Dubai We offers Made in UAE drones built specially for Emirates

Simple, Safe and Efficient:

Simple , Safe and Efficient Multi-copter Storm x8 from UAV At a glance Flight upto 37 mins Pay load upto 3.2 KG GPS HD video capture - 2 KM range Portable

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot Training :

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot Training Ultimate UAV Dubai offers UAV pilot training

UAV Pilot Training From Experts :

UAV Pilot Training From Experts Academic Courses ( 1) Advanced safety (2) Rapidly Deployable Aerial Surveillance System Training (RDASS) (3) Ground Station Mission Setup

Now it’s easy to monitor construction progress :

Now it’s easy to monitor construction progress Construction drones are specially built for real estate sector

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We offer you aerial shooting services with the best in industry standards

Aerial Shooting using unmanned aircrafts:

Aerial Shooting using unmanned aircrafts We offer aerial photography and aerial filming of live events with UAV drones in Dubai

Multi copter Storm X8:

Multi copter Storm X8 Launch the flight mission from your PC with Storm X8

Storm X8 Specs:

Storm X8 Specs Launch the mission from your PC

Storm X8 Controllers:

Storm X8 Controllers

Inspection, Maintenance and Spare parts:

Inspection, Maintenance and Spare parts Ultimate UAV has FAA accredited repair centre for drones

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Visit us @ ultimate-uav.com Address Ultimate UAV, Techno point Building, Dubai, PO Box 341240 97143922105 Email sales@ultimate-uav.com We are open Sunday – Thursday 09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Visit Online Store:

Visit Online Store Online Store store.ultimate-uav.com

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