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New technique for elemental determination using atomic emission • Microwave excited plasma source • Nitrogen based plasma - runs on air using a N 2 generator Improved performance compared with flame AA: • Higher sample throughput with fast sequential measurement – More than 2x faster than conventional flame AA • Superior detection limits and improved dynamic range Easy to use: • New generation software featuring automated optimization and software applets that load a preset method • One piece torch with easy torch removal and replacement – no alignment Reduced operating costs: • Runs on air – eliminates need for Acetylene Argon etc. • Eliminates need for source/hollow cathode lamps • Simple installation – no chiller 10 A supply Improved Safety: • Eliminates need for flammable gases and cylinder handling • Safe reliable unattended multi-element overnight operation Agilent 4100 Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometer MP-AES Page 24

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Number of Elements per Sample Detection Limits High ppm Low High Low ppt Flame AAS ICP-OES Graphite Furnace AAS ICP-MS Hydride AAS Fast Sequential AAS Note: Fast Sequential AAS doubles throughput is exclusive to Agilent Flame AA as is MP-AES MP-AES Number of Analytes vs Detection Limits Page 6

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Agilent Inorganic Product Portfolio Positioning 20K 160K FAAS GFAAS ICP-MS Increasing price More expensive than FAAS but much better DLs. Does not cover as many elements. Very slow single-element analysis Cheap ppm level DLs. Fast per sample but single-element analysis 40K 60K US Street Price Range FAAS GFAAS ICP-MS ppm ppb ppt Lower Detection Limits 35K 110K ICP-OES 100K ICP-OES 55K Price varies with config. DLs in ppb range but measures all elements in 1 run multi-element. Requires hydride to measure As Se Sb Te or Hg at low ppt levels Most expensive but best DLs. Covers almost all elements including hydrides and Hg. Fast multi- element analysis DLs ppb to ppm DLs sub-ppb Multi- element Single- element Note: Agilent FAAS offer Fast Sequential capability – matches speed of sequential ICP MP-AES Mid priced ppb-ppm level DLs. Fast sequential multi- element analysis MP-AES Page 7

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Example - Dynamic or Working Range Comparison Vapor Generation AA 1 10 100 1 10 100 1 10 100 1000 1 ppq ppt ng/L ppb mm m m g/L ppm mg/L ICP-MS GFAA ICP-OES Radial Flame AA SIPS ICP-OES Axial Extended Note: 9 orders detector dynamic range can be extended with HMI standard on the 7700x. For many elements accurate analysis at 10ppt requires a cleanroom The true working range combines the detector dynamic range the matrix tolerance and method limitations such as calibration linearity and washout Note – this is the measurement range not the matrix level that can be tolerated Single- element Multi- element MP-AES Page 8

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Technique Selection Criteria Detection limits Sample throughput Number of elements measured per sample Matrix Interferences Ease of use Cost of Ownership Flame AA GFAA MP-AES Detection limits ppm High ppb Low ppb ppt Number of Samples Few Several Many Number of Elements per Sample Single Few Many Sample Matrix 3 3 – 10 10 0K 50K 100K 150K 200K System Cost Flame AA GFAA ICP-OES ICP-MS MP-AES Page 57 DATE: Agilent Confidential

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Technique Selection Criteria Criteria Flame AA GFAA MP-AES ICP-OES ICP-MS Measurement Range high 10 X 1 - 10 X X X ppm X X X X high ppb X X X X X low ppb X X X X ppt X X Number of samples Few X X X Several X X X X Many X X No Elements per Sample Single X X X X X Few 2-5 X X X X Intermediate 5-10 X X X Many X X Sample Matrix 3 X X X X X 3-10 X X X X 10 X X Page 58

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Technique Selection Criteria Note: 1 with SIPS Criteria Flame AA GFAA MP-AES ICP-OES ICP-MS Linearity up to 3 orders X X X X X 5 orders X 1 X X X 6 orders X X 7 orders X Ease of Use Simple X X Moderate X X Complex X X Capital Investment Low X Low-Med X X X Med-High X High X Running Cost Low X X Med X X X X High X X Page 59

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