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Content Company Profile Amul Product’s Swot Award and certificate Marketing mix What are The Segmentation Targeting Promotion Ads Competition

Company Profile:

Company Profile First milk union KAIRA DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS’ UNION Started in 1945. Selected Brand name AMUL in 1955. Amul means “Priceless” in sanskrit. Entered in chocolate segment in 1970 Sales Turnover Rs 52554 million 2007-08 .


AMUL PHILOSOPHY Matching demand and supply. Vast & strong supply chain network. Developing demand. Introducing higher value products. Umbrella Branding Strategy. e-initiative strategy.

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World's Largest Pouched Milk Brand World's Biggest Vegetarian Cheese Brand Largest Food Brand And Business In India

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Utterly Butterly Delicious Amul Butter

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Amul Lite Low fat, low Cholesterol Bread Spread

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And the Market For Butter is going to change forever

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Butter with Strawberry Jam it up

Special Features:

Special Features Made from fresh cream by modern continuous butter making machines. Strawberry Flavour Amul Berry is fortified with Vitamins A & D essential for good vision & healthy skin Sweet Butter

Amul Peppery Garlic:

Amul Peppery Garlic Butter with Garlic & Pepper “Spice it Up”

Awards & certification:

Awards & certification ISO 9000-HACCP certified plants : All Amul Ice cream plants are ISO 9000-HACCP certified. Amul is in the process of getting ISO 22000 (Improved version) certification for all its plants. No. 1 in Quality : Amul is ranked No.1 ice cream in quality by “INSIGHT” (May-June, 2002).

Customer based market segmentation:

Customer based market segmentation

Amul business strategy:

Amul business strategy

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis


Product Introduction of new range of chocolates to suit different targeted segments Variety Design – Plain bars, filled, chocolate covered wafers, Sizes and Packages – wide range to suit key price points and occasions


Place Make use of its strong distribution structure. Urban as well as rural. New Regional Sales Offices to increase width and penetration and focus in rural areas.


Price Pricing – In line with Cadbury’s offerings Incentive schemes – eg. Nestle’s Maha munch give more value for the same price Priced at key price points like Rs.5


Promotion Uses of variety of media to communicate The enduring polka dressed girl pun at various issues increase brands fan Every festival some thing they bringing The chief of India promo invites hotel chefs to come up with recipes using many Amul products as possible, and is conducted at city, state and national level.

Target Audience:

Target Audience

Marketing Strategies:

Marketing Strategies 360 degree approach BTL Cookery Shows Offers Advertisements


DIRECT SCHOOL PROGRAM As a part of the customer contact programme ,Amul must do direct school program for Amul chocolates . They can sampling their latest offering - among kids.


CHOCOLATE BOUTIQUES AND SHELVES Amul must come up with its own chocolate boutiques. Form its own shelves in retail shops and take ownership of maintaining them.

Advertisement :




Some Tv Add:

Some Tv Add

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TV SHOWS Chhote Ustad Amul Voice of India Amul Surbhi Chocholate advertisement in between the shows Free Chocholate Gift Hamper to winners

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“Liberate our farmers from economic oppression and lead them to prosperity.”

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Mission2020 :- dairy co operatives of Gujarat turnover of Rs.27000 crores by the year 2020 .

What more can amul do?:

What more can amul do? Amul can venture out a new product. There are certain product like amul gulab jamoon , chocolates etc which are not as popular as amul ice cream . Though amul’s hoardings are a huge success , it can penetrate even better in the rural areas by advertising .


RESEARCH PROBLEM Amul chocolate’s Market share decreased to 5% much less than market leader(79%) The awareness level of AMUL CHOCOLATE is very low. To find the performance of AMUL CHOCOLATE vis-à-vis other Brands. To know the consumer psyche and their behaviour towards AMUL CHOCOLATE .

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Butter Britannia Nestle Cheese Britannia Baby Food Nestle Heinz Dairy Whitener Segment Nestle Britannia Ice creams HLL Different segments & Different Competitors Chocolates & Confectionaries Cadbury Nestle Pizza Pizza Hut Dominos Nirulas Frozen pizza Curd Nestle Mother Dairy Ultra High Treated Milk Nestle Britannia Sweet Condensed milk Nestle Cottage Cheese (Paneer) Britannia Milk Additives Cadbury Smithkline Beecham Flavored Milk Britannia Nestle


Conclusion Using very good strategy for selling the product. For all segment of products are available.

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