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Technical Description::

Technical Description: Object Description

The Assignment: Recommendation Memo:

The Assignment: Recommendation Memo Write a recommendation for an object you might encounter on the job OR—Write a description of a job site with the idea of inspection for a particular reason, such as safety Create a corporate context for the item or place. Your intent should be persuasive. Use memo format—see pp. 372-373 in Technical Communication . Length: around 500 words

Extra credit::

Extra credit: Download and insert a picture from the web = +2; Do a drawing = +4 No credit for failing to document an image.

Creating a Corporate Context :

Creating a Corporate Context It should be evident from the introduction What type of company you work for Why you have written this memo The first sentence should get straight to the point, as a newspaper article would.


Many of our employees have complained about dropping screws and other small components while repairing PCs and other peripherals. I believe that all our technicians should be given three-pronged parts retrievers to help alleviate this problem.

General examples of spatial sequence:

General examples of spatial sequence Inside-outside front-rear left-right top to bottom How would you describe this parts retriever?


The retriever is comprised of a plastic housing, a plunger, and a spring-loaded prong assembly. It is pencil-shaped and about 4” long. The barrel of the parts retriever is made of yellow plastic with ridges to prevent its slipping out of the user’s hand. Near the top of the retriever, a finger guard makes pushing down the plunger and holding the device easier.

Description means a verbal and visual representation:

Description means a verbal and visual representation To select the appropriate details, determine what use your reader makes of the description: Will it be used to identify an object? Will it be used as part of a set of instructions? Does the reader need to know how it works?


Pressing down the plunger extends three hooked metal prongs that curve outward about 0.5” from the barrel’s bottom tip and extend at about a 45° angle from the tip.  The metal prongs are spring-loaded, so they automatically retract back into the barrel when pressure is no longer applied to the top. This retracting action grips small screws and other items, making it easy to collect them.

Objective vs. Subjective:

Objective vs. Subjective Retriever vs. Tweezers Some employees have tried using tweezers to retrieve screws, but a parts retriever is better because you do not have to apply pressure to grip an item as with tweezers. Also, it grips items more securely between its three gripping points instead of two. The retriever has no parts that need to be replaced and should last indefinitely as long as it is not abused. Note also the descriptive heading for this paragraph. Strive for descriptive headings so that the topics of paragraphs are available at a glance.

Definite Versus Indefinite-- Which is which?:

Definite Versus Indefinite-- Which is which? 1.  Enough memory 5 GB memory More? Less? 2.   An inside view A cross-sectional view or an exploded view? 3.   Right next to it Parallel to it? Perpendicular?

Recommendation Outline:

Recommendation Outline I. Introduction A. Establish a context B. Consider your audience C. Definitions, Background, Function D. Overall Description E.  Principle of Operation F.  List of Major Parts

II Description and Function of Parts:

II Description and Function of Parts A. Definition B. Shape, Dimension, material, color, texture C. Subparts D. Function E. Relation to adjoining parts F. Manner of Attachment

III. Conclusion:

III. Conclusion A. One complete Operating Cycle B. Summary C. Recommendation NOTE: The purpose of this outline is to help you with development, not dictate how your recommendation memo should be written.

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