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Dr. Vijay Khetpal: Texoma’s full time Ophthalmologist retina specialist in Denison, TX and Sherman, TX. Welcome to Khetpal Vijay MD Ophthalmologist and Retina Specialist, We’re proud to offer comprehensive eye care services. Call our office today!For more Detail Visit here : Khetpal Vijay MD Ophthalmologist and Retina Specialist 5012 S US Highway 75 ste 235, Denison, TX 75020, USA +1 903–337–0055


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Ensuring Faster Recovery After Eye Surgery So your eye surgery just got completed and now you are on your way to recovery. You will imagine it should be pretty short and uneventful right Well for the most part it will be but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of your eyes. As long as you want your eyes to be healthy and I am sure that we all do you will do as your doctor says. When you want to ensure an uncomplicated ​Eye Doctor in Denison TX ​ you will need to make certain changes in your daily habits especially post surgery but only for a few days or 1 or 2 weeks tops. Your eye surgery Denison doctor would prescribe the right antibiotics and eye drops for you to prevent any potential infection. He would also write down an anti-inflammatory eye drop to combat any internal inflammation. Apart from that he would also recommend some oral pain relievers like acetaminophen especially in case of cataract surgery and this way you should feel only slight discomfort after your surgery. Do the following without fail if you want to make sure that your recovery is safe and speedy: · No matter what kind of eye surgery you’ve had it is always advised to not drive on the first day · You should also refrain from doing any heavy weightlifting or performing any activity that causes a lot of strain at least for a few weeks

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· Your eye surgery Denison doctor will also advise you not to put any pressure on your eyes so he would recommend that you avoid bending over or lifting anything at all from below your waist level · If it is at all possible for you try not to sneeze or fall sick and vomit right after your surgery · Always be careful while walking around post your surgery · According to your eye surgery Denison doctor you should take all the steps to reduce the risk of infection such as avoiding rubbing your eyes or swimming or bathing in a hot tub during the first 7 days · Protect your eyes from irritants such as dust grime and pollen at all costs For More Detail Visit Here : Khetpal Vijay MD Ophthalmologist and Retina Specialist 5012 S US Highway 75 ste 235 Denison TX 75020 USA 903-337-0055

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