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Jack London “A Best Seller”: 

Jack London “A Best Seller” Presented By: Team D

The Life Of Jack London: 

The Life Of Jack London Jack London was born Jan, 12 1876 and died on Nov. 22, 1916. He wrote in many literary forms like conventional love stories and dystopias to science fantasy. Some of his writings include war correspondence, boxing stories, and the life of Molokai Lepers. London's great passion was agriculture, and he was well on the way of creating a new model for ranching through his Beauty Ranch when he died of kidney disease at age 40. He left over fifty books of novels, stories, journalism, and essays, many of which have been translated and continue to be read around the world. I found it interesting that it has been suspected that Jack London committed suicide. Jack London is among many of the most popular novelists. As a matter of fact, he was the most popular novelist and short story writer of his time. He kept himself very busy between his writings and his projects such as, his sail boat he named the "Snark," which he spent a long time in while sailing the South Pacific. He had many other projects as well, therefore, keeping himself busy. Because he kept himself so busy with everything he did not have much time for relaxing causing many health problems for himself. It was his busy life that eventually lead to his death on November 22, 1916. Jack London covered many political issues including but not limited to the Mexican revolution. This is what he covered just before he died in 1916. He used this pulpit to endorse his support of socialism, women's suffrage, and eventually, prohibition. He was among the first writers to work with the movie industry, and saw a number of his novels made into films. His novel “The Sea-Wolf” became the basis for the first full-length American movie. He was also one of the first celebrities to use his endorsement for commercial products in advertising, including dress suits and grape juice. Although he is gone, his work lives on in today's literature.

Jack’s Work At A Glance: 

Jack’s Work At A Glance Brown wolf "Brown wolf" is a story about a couple named Madge and Walt Irvine and their quest to love a dog that they think could possibly be a wolf. At first it seemed like a quest to just see if they could make the dog give in and become friendly towards them. It didn't work too well at first, but in the end the dog wound up loving the couple. The couple weren't really sure where the dog came from until his owner showed up and told the couple the dog grew up in Alaska and was one of five dogs he cared for. The owner said he was taking the dog back with him and the couple were crushed. They loved and cared for the dog too. They had known the dog for about 3 years at this point. The owner had strong feelings for the dog as well, up until the dog was stolen from him. So, the couple and owner decide that they will let the dog decide who he wants to stay with..The couple in California or the owner in Alaska. The owner turns and walks away and the couple stays still. The dog in the end opts to go with the owner back to the cold lands of Alaska. I thought this was a great story with lots of meaning. It showed that showing love can make an impact on people and animals. It showed that poetry is wonderful with lots of descriptions and that animals have feelings too! Deborah Cano


“In A Far Country” "When a man journeys into a far country, he must be prepared to forget many of the things he has learned, and to acquire such customs as are inherent with existence in the new land; he must abandon the old ideals and the old gods, and oftentimes he must reverse the very codes by which his conduct has hitherto been shaped." This is Jack's opening statement of the story that clarifies the saying, "if wants could hurt." This story is about two characters, Carter Weatherbee and Percy Cuthfert, who gave up everything that they knew to hunt for the riches of the Northlands. Carter was a clerk who was married, and turned his savings over to his wife and headed for the "Arctic Gold." Percy, on the other hand, had no reason to go, because he was already wealthy. Both men joined up with a party headed in the same direction hunting for the same treasure, only to find that they should have stayed home. As the trail became harder and the air grew colder, the rest of the party began to get tired of the two's laziness and unwillingness to help with the chores. As the two find themselves alone stuck, the cold and darkness eventually drives them them to insanity, which drives them to kill each other. "To those who have the protean faculty of adaptability, the novelty of such change may even be a source of pleasure; but to those who happen to be hardened to the ruts in which they were created, the pressure of the altered environment is unbearable, and they chafe in body and in spirit under the new restrictions which they do not understand.” Terry Lane Jacks Work At A Glance Continued

Other Works By Jack London: 

Other Works By Jack London A hyperborean brew A Klondike Christmas A piece of steak A thousand deaths All gold Cañon An odyssey of the north Bald-face Brown wolf Flush of gold Four horses and a sailor In a far country Jack London Love of life Moon-face Nam-Bok, the Unveracious Old baldy On the Makaloa mat Pluck and pertinacity Samuel Small boat sailing South of the slot The Heathen The King of Mazy May The Law of Life The League of the Old Men The Men of Forty-Mile The Mexican The Pen The Priestly Prerogative The Royal Sport of Surfing The Seed of McCoy The Shadow and the Flash The Son of the Wolf The Story of Keesh The Sundog Trail The Terrible Solomons The Test: A Clondyke Wooing The Unexpected The White Man's Way The White Silence The Wife of a King The Wisdom of the Trail That Dead Men Rise Up Never That Spot The Apostate The "Fuzziness" of Hoockla-Heen The Francis Spaight The Handsome Cabin Boy To Build a Fire To Repel Boarders To The Man On The Trail Too Much Gold Typhoon Off Coast Japan Up The Slide

Photo Gallery: 

Photo Gallery Jacks Father Final Resting Place Becky London

In Memory of Jack London: 

In Memory of Jack London "I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time" Jack London (1876 - 1916) http://www.parks.sonoma.net


Team D Members Team Leader: Nicholas Wilding Project Manager: Terry Lane Lataka Butler Ida Bryant Deborah Cano Thanks to all team members for the effort and hard work! T. Lane References http://www.parks.sonoma.net The American Tradition In Literature (George Perkins & Barbara Perkins) http://www.jacklondons.net

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