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CPR and a broken rib couldn’t keep her down, She went to her 50 th college reunion when her roommate Kitty came to town ( This is roommate Bunny, not Kitty)


On the annual beach trip Pokemon Go was the game, But with Austin having to work, the picture’s not the same (Terry tried to photoshop him in and substitute a few heads)


Austin has his own apartment, made manager, and is doing great Tyler, a high school senior, as goalie, led his team to win first place State


Grant, elected student government, makes straight As, and is a soccer star too   Another straight A student who got confirmed and his braces off, is our man, Drew.


Hunter, a rising soccer star, broke an arm and was laid out for the fall Rachel takes dance, soccer, piano, and with her girly-girl ways delights us all


Robyn substituted as youth group pastor until they found a candidate to replace Kim performs with the Small Chorus International Champions with her singing bass


Jesse has new work with Lexus Nexus and moved his mother close by Russ coaches soccer when he doesn’t, as President of the Nexxis Group, have to fly


Don up-traded one boat, continues his mediations and plays in the band Terry with the Golden Girls planned special events and led excursions around the land


We continue to find joy with so many friends and activities here And time with old friends and family gets more precious every year Our wish for you is to find joy in whatever you do, Plus, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, too!

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