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Pest control can be complete in several ways, but these three are the main: biological, physical and mechanical pest control. Biological pest control is a management of small predators or bedbugs such as mosquitoes and these are proscribed by spraying some chemical in the area which won't let the pest grow. This process is believed natural and helps to remove the pest without harming the environmental balance of the environment. Then comes the mechanical way of eliminating pest, in which sure equipment and devices are used. For example pests like rodents are removed by sating up traps or aggressive with some implement. Last is the physical pest control technique which include removal of pests by setting up barriers, eliminating their reproduction grounds, removing items which are more unavailable by pests(wood that most attacked by termites),moving trash to an unoccupied place, proper waste organization as these factors offer shelter to unwanted organisms. There are many other techniques which are executed according to the requirement and depend upon the type of pest wanted to be proscribed. Many techniques also include resentful baits, burning the impure are, trapping to kill, repellents and more. Commercial and residential pest control may have dissimilar strategy. Contact us: +91-9810353723 Address: 208, Vashisth Complex, Sikanderpur, M.G. Road, Gurgaon 122001 Click here: pest control in gurgaon


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