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Teresa Susmaras Wholesome Family Outings Teresa Susmaras and her family watched Brookfield Zoo change through every visit, as it has kept pace with today ’ s interest in ecosystem conservation and whole environments for zoo animals. The Great Bear Wilderness was beloved by the Susmaras family, and they were delighted with the ecosystem exhibits, such as The Swamp, the Fragile Rain Forest, Fragile Desert and the Living Coast. Teresa Susmaras attended Riverside Brookfield High School, next to the Brookfield Zoo, and could participate in the freshman program called School of Environmental Education. Susmaras participated in various extracurricular activities and sports while at Riverside Brookfield High School. Volleyball, track and basketball offered degrees of physical activity and playing the clarinet gave expression to her musical skills and entertainment abilities.


Teresa Susmaras Trip to the Brookfield Zoo Prior to embarking upon an extensive term of study in mental health care and research, neuroscience, and psychology, Teresa Susmaras enjoyed a wholesome childhood in Brookfield, Illinois. Growing up with her parents and younger brother, Susmaras has fond memories of summer trips to the world famous Brookfield Zoo, where the Susmaras family came frequently for fresh air and family bonding.


Teresa Susmaras Pom Pom Dancer Teresa Susmaras maintains that her ultimate talent was as a Riverside Brookville Pom Pom. Pom squads are teams of competitive dancers, but are also formed as performance dance teams, especially for view at sporting events during the pre-game and half time periods for the entertainment of the fans. Pom squads use pom-poms in all dance performances, where Susmaras danced for fans at football and basketball games. Riverside Brookfield High School ’ s pom squad, with Teresa Susmaras as a dancer, helped promote school spirit through dance, year-round. Pep rallies are a favorite forum for building excitement before a big game. Susmaras ’ pom squad tried to live up to statewide standards and although they only competed in one small competition (at that regional level), it was still a very dedicated team.


Teresa Susmaras Impulse Behaviors Teresa Susmaras ’ research into the origins of negative aggressive and impulsive behaviors may also contribute to new approaches to community psychology and emotion regulation, as well as more positive clinical placements, when appropriate. Susmaras ’ domestic abuse volunteer counseling started very early on, during her formative years that took place during her undergraduate studies. Susmaras is accredited as a clinical psychologist in the state of Illinois. She will go on to work for one of the largest hospitals in the LaCrosse area.


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