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Tera Jade offers a large collection of uniquely carved jade bracelets and other jewellery. Find the highest quality jewellery pieces at Tera Jade.


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Jade jewellery |Jade necklace |Jade bracelet:

Tera Jade offers high quality stone jewellery Jade jewellery |Jade necklace |Jade bracelet Title: Jewelry List - Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Jewelry Online URL: http://http://www.terajade.com Description: Discount gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, diamond earrings, sterling silver jewelry, gemstones, engagement rings, wedding rings and more.

Jadeite Jade (Burmese / Myanmar Jade):

Jadeite Jade (Burmese / Myanmar Jade) The term “Jade” refers to two specific types of stones - Jadeite Jade and Nephrite Jade. Jadeite and Nephrite have different physical and chemical characteristics. Traditionally, Jadeite is considered the real and true Jade in Chinese culture. Since the mid-18th century, jadeite has been imported from Burma (now Myanmar), and has become the most prominent form of jade in China because Jadeite was the type of jades worn by the emperors of the Chinese dynasties.


Products Agate Car Charm $ 49.00 Carved Jade Guan Yin Necklace $ 79.00 Yellow Jade Circle Necklace $ 59.00 Two Flower Bracelet $ 39.00 Jade Cross Necklace $ 49.00 Happy Buddha Bracelet $ 39.00

About Us:

About Us Founded in 2006 at Dallas, TX, Tera Jade provides high quality jade and natural stone jewelry and decorations. Our journey began when we noticed in the local market no stores provided authentic Jadeite Jade (Burmese Jade). As a strong symbol and desired stone, many customers wanted this cultural icon to wear or display in their houses. Because of this, we endeavored to find the best quality jade and jade crafting artists in China. First, we began with simple necklaces with simple pieces of Jadeite Jade. Our customers felt this was too plain, and we uncovered artisans that followed the ancient of ways of Jade and stone carving. This became our specialty. And it was a great success! Today, after years of artistic designs and sourcing the best quality jade and natural stones, Tera Jade offers a large selection of uniquely carved pieces of quality jade and natural stone.      


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