Most reliable Source Of Street Lighting - Solar Street Light


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Most reliable Source Of Street Lighting - Solar Street Light


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Tenkoo Solar Lighting Inc. 2045 Stevens Dr unit 5 Iowa City IA 52240 United States +1 800-378-3110 Most reliable Source Of Street Lighting - Solar Street Light Solar power is gaining popularity all over the world as a reliable source of street lighting. Modern street light has integrated solar panels built-in lithium-ion batteries battery protection system night and motion sensors and automatic controls. The fully automatic unit comes with LEDs built-in Lithium-ion battery and Passive Infrared PIR sensors and replaceable. A traditional solar streetlight is water-resistant and weather-proof has a low rate of insect attraction and low glare and has a longer life. Its energy-saving and good for the environment the sunlight will charge the lights of the solar street lights with motion sensor during the day and then run off the energy collected. This means home users can light up their garden to the full light without any additional energy consumption. They dont need the outlet to power them they have smaller solar panels that use daylight to charge the battery the solar motion sensor lights can be charged all day long to provide up to 10 hours of illumination. Solar- powered safety lamps are better than electrical lighting because there are no electrical cords wires and though there are naughty kids at home this does not pose the fire hazard. Compared to other electrical lights the solar motion sensor light is very cost- effective other lights typically require more than 100 but the solar motion sensor light just requires around 10 an amazing price that any family can afford. And because its easy to install homeowners dont have to pay expensive installation fees.

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