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Interactive Whiteboards:

Interactive Whiteboards By Tenielle Mason What are they? How do they work? Why use them? Pedagogical Approaches Classroom Organisation Curriculum Use/Related KLA’s

What are they?:

What are they? Interactive form of traditional whiteboard Allow students to actively partake in lesson Allows teacher to create interactive activities for students Allows student to control their lesson/learning

How do they work/what do they do?:

How do they work/what do they do? Whiteboard connects with projector/computer Some have buttons/features on board to use Activity is displayed on board Students can move, resize, manipulate shapes Play games

Why use them?:

Why use them? Encourage social learning Motivate students on another level Cater for a range of learning styles Diverse – unlimited used in many KLA’s Students get to “do” the learning

Pedagogical Approaches:

Pedagogical Approaches Social Constructivism/Constructivism Whole class Group work Individual/assessment Scaffolding required

For Teachers:

For Teachers Many resources available Internet based Software based Learning activities/scaffolding sessions Assessment Games

Classroom Organisation:

Classroom Organisation Wall mounted or free standing Lighting, sight, learning difficulty/disability considerations Space around mounting for whole class activities Access to connecting technology

Legal/Ethical Issues:

Legal/Ethical Issues Age-appropriate content/context Safety Cords Power-plugs Remotes Not being to close to screen

Curriculum Use/Related KLA’s:

Curriculum Use/Related KLA’s Maths Investigating 3D shapes English Editing sentences/paragraphs HPE Sorting food into correct food pyramid groups Science Investigating habitats

Thank you!  :

Thank you!  Photo evidence of Interactive Whiteboards and what they can do!

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