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We can help you obtain gem registration which help you avail eTender online. The Gov e-Marketplace (GeM) is a gov-run e-commerce portal. Public procuring (government tenders) refers to the process by which central. In addition to the above products, services like transportation services are also being currently tested on the Government E-Marketplace


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GEM Registration Government E-Marketplace :

GEM Registration Government E-Marketplace

Seller Registration Guide :

Seller Registration Guide Government E-Commercial center or Jewel is a gateway to encourage online acquisition of products and enterprises required by different government offices, associations and open part endeavors in India. The Administration E-Commercial center has been acquainted with upgrade straightforwardness in government buys, improve productivity and speedup acquirement. In this article, we take a gander at the procedure for enlisting as a vender on the Administration E-Commercial center.

Government E-Marketplace Overview :

Government E-Marketplace Overview


Government E-Commercial center was made dependent on the proposals of Gathering of Secretaries made to Hon'ble Executive. As of now, the Directorate General of Provisions and Transfers alongside the National e-Administration Division ( NeGD ) under Service of Gadgets and Data Innovation ( MeitY ) has made and guided the Administration E-Commercial center. In the primary stage, the pilot venture for Diamond is opened for Focal Government Divisions and CPSUs situated in Delhi/NCR. In view of the learnings , the gateway will be taken off to different pieces of the nation. Further, after extensive investigation through a specialist pursued by connecting with an Oversaw Specialist co-op (MSP), an undeniable rendition of Jewel is probably going to be situated by Walk, 2017. Buys through Diamond by Government clients has just been approved by Service of Fund by including another Standard No. 141-An in the General Budgetary Guidelines, 2005.

Products & Services Sold on Government E-Marketplace :

Products & Services Sold on Government E-Marketplace Currently, the following products and services are sold on the Government E-Marketplace Computers Desktop Laptops Tablets Computer Accessories like Mouse, Keyboards, External Hard Disk Drives, RAM, Pen Drive, Power Bank. Office Equipment Photocopiers Printers Pass Book Smart card Bar Code Scanners Scanners Cartridges  Paper A4 (210mm X 297mm) Note Sheets Note Books Air Conditioner Multi Media Projectors UPS (Line Interactive and on-line) Packaged drinking water


In addition to the above products, services like transportation services are also being currently tested on the Government E-Marketplace ( gem registration ) .

Selling to the Government :

Selling to the Government Approved agents of Focal Government Divisions, State Government Office, Open Part Endeavors and Independent bodies can buy through the Administration E-Commercial center or Jewel. The Directorate General of Provisions and Transfers has approved officials of the position of Joint Secretary and comparable for obtaining through Jewel. Further, approved officials can further approve different officials of their Area of expertise to buy on the Administration Commercial center entryway. For an Administration official to be enrolled as a purchaser on the Administration E-Commercial center, the accompanying subtleties are required: AADHAR Number Mobile number Official or NIC email Class 3 Signature Certificate Authorisation of competent authority of their Department

Purchasing Powers of Government Officers :

Purchasing Powers of Government Officers Any approved official making a buy of upto Rs . 50000/ - can buy an item through any of the accessible providers on the Diamond, meeting the essential quality, determination and conveyance period. If there should be an occurrence of procurement above Rs.50,000, the Administration office must pick the provider having most reduced cost among the accessible providers on the Pearl, meeting the essential quality, determination and conveyance period. Jewel has additionally given apparatuses to web based offering and online turn around closeout which can be utilized by the buyer.

Seller Registration :

Seller Registration PAN CARD Digital Signature Certificate VAT/TIN Number (if applicable) Bank Account & supporting KYC documents Identity proof Address proof Cancelled cheque copy Procedure for Registration Procedure for Registration To become a seller on the Government E-Marketplace , register your business through one of the following links: Manufactures or traders can register here Service providers can register here


The procedure for enrollment is straightforward and once enlisted, a Diamond client id and secret word is given to get to the merchant account. Through the vender account, the merchant or specialist organization can list the items or administrations offered by them alongside the estimating. The vender is allowed to set the cost of the item according to his/her costing. Be that as it may, its imperative to incorporate into the last value, the expense for coordinations , pressing and assessments, obligations and so on alongside a reasonable edge to touch base at the Selling Cost on comprehensive premise, demonstrating level of Extract Obligation, Administration Duty and CST/Tank as relevant, with conveyance at site premise.

Order Management :

Order Management In the wake of finishing dealer enlistment and posting, the vender will begin accepting requests through the merchant dashboard. Any place a client puts in a request, Jewel will send you an email caution and requests can be overseen through the Pearl entryway itself. In the wake of getting the request, its the dealers duty to pack the thing and convey it to the purchaser on-schedule. It is the vender's duty to convey the items securely to the proctor. Payment Settlement Installment for the merchandise or administrations buy through the Administration E-Commercial center will be made legitimately to the dealers financial balance through internet banking inside 10 days after receipt and acknowledgment of the products or administrations or after expiry of 10 days time endorsed for merchandise exchange.

Advantages of Selling on the Government E-Marketplace :

Advantages of Selling on the Government E-Marketplace Legislature of India is one of the biggest buyer of products and ventures in India, spending lakhs of crores . In any case, most SMEs and New businesses in India have been not able offer to the Legislature because of awkward systems and deferrals in installment. The Administration E-Commercial center or Diamond targets disturbing the present framework and presenting a perfect and proficient instrument for Government buys. Subsequently, its significant for all organizations to be enrolled on the Administration E-Commercial center and make the Legislature a client. Coming up next are a portion of the extra advantages of being a merchant on the Administration E-Commercial center:


Direct access to all Govt. departments. One stop marketing place with minimal marketing efforts. No need to watch for tenders of different govt. departments: Once you offer your product, Govt. Departments would themselves approach you. Freedom from product registration: No need to run for product and model registration etc. Products accepted against supplier’s guarantee / warrantee and generally free from regular consignment inspection testing and evaluation procedures. Freedom from fixed specifications: No need to customize to given specifications. Market your product with all features defined by you. Update and upgrade products as soon and as many times as you find it necessary. Dynamic pricing – price can be changed based on market conditions – no fixed price for whole year – no fear of fluctuation of raw material prices or exchange rate variations. Dynamic product listing – no need to run for model up-gradation / changes. List your latest products and market them based on features and your competitive prices. Get complete information of all Govt. requirements through Annual Procurement Plans. Timely payment guaranteed. Consistent and uniform purchase procedures and terms and conditions of contract. To know more visit or talk to an tenderbidding Business Advisor  

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