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How to communicate effectively on the telephone : 

How to communicate effectively on the telephone The effectiveness of a telephone call to 80% depending on the caller. Over the years marketing has several systems designed to increase the effectiveness of communication by telephone, also implementing the concepts of NLP. We can establish some guidelines for increasing the proportion of customers called in response:           or mental attitude, not only are the words to convey feelings but also the para-language, tone of voice and so on. Before you answer the phone or make a call is important to take a positive mental attitude that is deeply believe that our day is going to work transforming our negative beliefs into positive beliefs. This system will help us to build trust and security throughout the call, increasing the opportunities to reduce the negative filters and skepticism that our party might have. call center solutions           or decide upon an objective: to further strengthen our positive mental attitude we need to ask a specific goal to be achieved thanks to the call. For example, obtaining an appointment, or be able to sell a product or service or be able to send a letter of introduction.           or smile for many years in the U.S. call centers, during the training of operators, are taught to smile. A smile sends a positive fact, over the telephone because it reflects our mood.           Use or is that the para-verbal language: words in addition to an important role is played by the para-language. The tone of voice, rhythm and intensity can capture the attention of our party brought to listen. Think of the times we’ve spoken to someone who spoke in a flat, certainly we have not given much to our listening party but we just “feel”, which is quite different. call center solutions           or involve, not just talk about the product or service you are promoting, to achieve efficiency of our call is important to be able to raise interest nell’interlocutre involving them in speech and allowed to participate in what is being discussed. In addition to getting tips for future use, you can change the setting of communication based on information collected in order to meet the needs of the customer. call center solutions           or Listen actively: throughout the course of the call is to try to understand the emotional state of the customer to fine tune the speech in order to understand and meet the needs of the interlocutor, and then reach an agreement.

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