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How to Use Telemarketing for professional services? : 

How to Use Telemarketing for professional services? TelemarketingI get this question: I want to use telemarketing to find clients for my study. What do you think?Before starting I would like to make a little example: draw the distinction between Telemarketing and Teleselling.The calls we receive (now daily) on our mobile home with proposals for new subscriptions telephone or TV, or try to buy wine sales fall in my opinion in Teleselling more than in Telemarketing. call center solutionsIn practice, who does this work contact people who do not know and with whom it has no kind of relationship. Basically through this phone call, who does Teleselling, trying to close a sale and get a contract or a purchase with his listener.In the case of telemarketing, on the contrary, the use of the telephone is a tool that is used in a marketing strategy more complex. In this case, the instrument number is used simply as a means of contact within a sequence of marketing and communication more complex and articulated. call center solutionsWhy is it important to make this distinction? Telemarketing and Teleselling are two fundamentally different tactics. In the case of services marketing professional, she finds herself in the position of having to promote a secure complex, so different from a simple pass or a set of wines.Decision-making processes that take its customers to decide for yourself, are probably very different from those involving the purchase of a new telephone charges, just to give you an example.Consider the fact that his clients, before arriving at a decision to purchase will have to make a series of steps. It will be necessary for them to conclude that somehow she is able to solve a problem for them. call center solutionsIt must also demonstrate the importance of resolving this problem. And finally, will be tasked to demonstrate clearly the importance of choosing his office and his service over the competition.For each of these phases will be countered by a certain method of communication and marketing on his part to reveal the advantages, benefits and its ability to solve specific problems for its customers.Most of the people who is found to offer complex services on the phone uses the

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approach that I call "number." Since the phone call "cold" leads to quite poor results, it is necessary to rely solely on the strength of numbers: increasing the number of phone calls.This makes the job of marketing the phone difficult, challenging, exhausting, and above all it offers very little satisfaction to those who do so. Not to mention the fact that, to be able to have a limited number of contacts, you will need to be heard from hundreds and hundreds of people.When, on the contrary, the Telemarketing is supported actions of sending snail mail and is incorporated into a communication strategy more complex, the results are better. You can more easily win the attention of potential customers and especially the report avoids wear with them.Keep in mind that the call is an extremely invasive. It 's very easy to call this approach is perceived by potential customers as a nuisance or an interruption of their duties and their activities. Add to this the fact that in recent years it has been an indiscriminate use of this means (perhaps because the marketers did not know about alternatives) and will immediately clarify the situation that is likely to encounter.The alternative I suggest is to use an integrated communications strategy that will include telemarketing, but where this is not considered to be the only way to contact your potential customers. This will enable it to perform better, get more qualified customers, and ultimately improve the professionalism of his approach to the customer.In my view, the difficulties exclusive use of telemarketing to generate new contacts can be summarized in these points:1) It 'difficult for the individual practitioner to maintain networks of contacts and remain active at the same time with other professional activities. This makes the work done in this extremely fragmented and difficult.2) Making cold calls is challenging especially in terms of emotion. You can get to the point of considering potential partners simply as numbers and names on a contact list. This is not the only dehumanizes the relationship with the customer but has deleterious effects on motivation. This is something that in my opinion can not be done for long periods.3) Basing its activities exclusively on Telemarketing implies that she will be active only when it is in his office. Whenever he is out will be extremely difficult to follow the flow of calls and decoys.4) Even if unable to get through the exclusive use of telemarketing, a sufficient amount of appointments, it is very likely that the type of contacts that will be able to create with this instrument are not sufficiently qualified.This means you run the risk of making appointments with people who actually turn out to be far from ideal customer profile. The end result will be that it will have lost so much time and energy to talk with someone who has no real decision-making skills on to his job.Instead, use telemarketing as a tool within a sequence of marketing more complex and will enable it to achieve its objectives in a more simple, environmentally friendly and compatible with its rhythms of work.

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