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Telemarketing ,one of the most controversial technical communication :

Telemarketing ,one of the most controversial technical communication What is telemarketing This is the telemarketing to consumers. For businesses, of course, the concept is different. Telemarketing is a form of direct communication that allows the user to reach through a phone call explaining the benefits of a product or service, an offer or explain a particular case to gain followers. Although it is a technique that is making great business results, the fact is that it is not without controversy. This is an intrusive method, which gets into people's homes, in their intimate moments in their lives, to provide a product or service. call center solutions Furthermore, it is known the typical insistence phone commercials. And not only that many brands and companies attempt to connect with potential customers by phone, but each tries several times, becoming really heavy and cumbersome for individuals. Cold and hot lists lists One of the basics of telemarketing lists is the existence of cold and hot lists, which also leads to good or ill-considered telemarketing. A hot list is called to those contacts, names and phone numbers, which one reason or another are related to the company or brand that performs a specific telemarketing campaign. That is, have given their consent for the company in question to contact them to offer their products or services. call center solutions A cool list is one that contains contacts who have not consented or who have no direct relationship with the brand that makes telemarketing campaign. Is the case, for example, when a person receives a call from a completely unknown company to offer a product that is not interested. Undoubtedly, hot lists are much more profitable in money and time to a company, as the contacts are or may be interested in your products. Cold lists are usually very low success rates, but are cheap and readily available, quite the opposite of hot lists. Telemarketing ethical codes in Spain Precisely because it is a highly controversial technique there are several organizations that attempt to regulate the ethical codes that attempt to adhere to telemarketing firms. Here are some tips on the treatment of contacts, good manners when selling by phone and even the treatment to the employees of telemarketing, that go beyond existing legislation. However, most of the time, companies do not meet these codes of ethics, so that the legislation in Spain has been forced to harden. Currently, the Data Protection Act or Act Data Protection Officer Personal Spanish is one of the most restrictive in the world.

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Robinson Lists are related to the law and directly affect telemarketing campaigns. Advertising exclusion lists: Lists Robinson call center solutions In several European countries have so-called exclusion lists advertising. In Spain, these lists are called Robinson lists managed by FECEMD (Spanish Federation of Digital Economy). They help users, ie any person has the opportunity to choose which companies you want to receive advertising and what not. All companies are required by law to consult these lists and respect the decision of those who choose not to receive marketing communication.

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