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Telemarketing : 

Telemarketing Telemarketing is the act of advertising a product or a service over the phone. Falls into the category of direct marketing and is currently a very important promotional tool for a business. (call center solutions)Telemarketing B2B and B2CTelemarketing is aimed at two categories of action: the business you business (B2B) and business to client (B2C). B2B means the Act to carry out commercial transactions between two companies with B2C means the Act to enter into transactions with the end user.Telemarketing has two purposes, according to the request, which can be:     Lead generation: the simple collection of information. This technique is used to collect commercial information in a predefined geographical area. Every marketing strategy indeed starts with a demographic profile of the area in which you want to offer a service or product as a socio-cultural and customs can have a profound effect on the success or failure of an advertising campaign. Profile can be customized for the offer based on the specific area of interest rather than providing specific benefits in line with market requirements. You can also receive advice acts to improve the product.    Sales: the persuasion of the client in order to sell a product. In this case we start from a list of addresses of potential customers. Depending on the type of market we are addressing, we usually moves in two ways: in the case of a company becomes the first presentation of a phone call and then schedule a meeting where we discuss a commercial offer, if it is a end user is what is being direct sales. (call center solutions) As regards the types of telemarketing are:     Outbound: Telemarketers contact customers directly from a list. Typically, the outbound is used in the sale of a product or the collection of information on carpet.    Inbound: the customer directly contacts a call center to get information of various kinds. This solution is adopted mainly as an after-sale or pre-sales of a product, whereby the customer can receive technical support (helpdesk), or commercial information. Many companies use this solution as supporting other advertising media such as television.       The tools of telemarketing       Start a session telemarketing does not require special technical instruments. It 'just a computer connected to the internet and a telephone. Conduct research on the Internet for a list of useful addresses, for example using the Yellow Pages website. Once you've collected a number of addresses can be stored in a database such as Access or a simple spreadsheet like Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Decided to implement a speech track of every phone call, we proceed with calls that can be made through Skype, a communications system via the Internet with very aggressive prices. In the workplace instead of the techniques are much more advanced and expensive: it starts from the classic call center where each station is equipped with a headset to make calls via a dedicated PBX solutions with automated robocall autodialers and conducting phone calls automatically, thanks to software highly developed information technology. (call center solutions)

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