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Benefits of Telemarketing : 

Benefits of Telemarketing The telemarketing industry has been characterized in recent years for being partintegral of the overall sales and marketing within an organization.The telemarketing applications can be for: Investigate, evaluate and test new markets. Identify potential customers and their potential value. Generate possible contacts and set appointments for sales staff.Selling products and services.Responding to existing customers. (call center solutions)Launch new products or services. To evaluate the direct response generated from advertising. Addressing complaints and clarifications. Providing advice.Create, maintain and explore marketing databases .Add the participation to events.Update mailing lists. Communicate information about the company. To promote the brand identity.Benefits of TelemarketingDirected to the target. Even as you do not know the name of the contact, can be determined what it's called responsible for making decisions and collected useful information about the decision-maker.Personal. By establishing a dialogue, an opportunity to answer questions, overcome objections, respond to buying signals, in order to improve the effectiveness, or even know the personality of the individual.Immediate. Every phone call provides an immediate result, which can be verified, measured and analyzed continuously, in order to improve the effectiveness, from the classification of non-sale to sale. (call center solutions) Interactive. Telemarketing executive can guide each conversation to obtain information or the desired response. Since calls are specifically targeted, the comments of the person called can be captured and classifiedfor later use in planning other marketing activities. No other means of direct marketing is as interactive as the telephone.Source of information. Personalized information for each contact can examine consumer habits, dissatisfaction, sales opportunities, etc. (call center solutions)

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Flexible. The phone message can be adjusted to the individual, no geographical limitations, the calls can be made more opportune time to maximize response rates, immediate feedback on each call to change the focus of a particular strategy. No other means of direct marketing is as flexible as telemarketing.Evaluable. In a telemarketer calls made can be measured per hour, made contacts with decision makers, phone numbers missing or wrong, positive or negative responses and their reasons, sales, etc.The analysis of this information as a whole can be used to estimate the degree of effectiveness of a strategy and identify why it works or not.Countable. Precise and detailed measurement of the results of calls means that can be tested continuously ROI on a campaign. This information can be used as a basis for comparing the effectiveness of marketing spending on the phone with other ways of achieving the same objectives. So quick and immediate results can be obtained preliminary pilot tests. Cost effective. Telemarketing is a sales channel and informationinherently inexpensive and can achieve maximum benefit in minimum time.Disadvantages of TelemarketingLow volume. The number of contacts you can make an executive is comparatively lower than those that may be generated through mass advertising.Intangible. A phone call is given the opportunity to display products or sales literature, does not allow telemarketing executive contact reaction to estimate or assess their situation, as when it is person to person. The two-way effective communication depends solely on the skill and ability of the executive to paint a verbal picture that allows for what you are offering attractive, listening and meeting needs quickly. The telemarketer must know how to respond to the feelings and needs of the individual, depending on the circumstances of the moment.Sometimes irrelevant. Irritation can occur in people if the call is inappropriate, whether for the sale of products or services that have no interest in functionality or time. The so-called "cold", that has not had any prior contact, is easily irrelevant.Sometimes misused. It's easy to create a negative impression if the call is not done with skill and professionalism. The "when" is the most advantageous time to call and follows the "how" you plan to use the phone responsibly. Telemarketing is ideal for appointments, when the personal touch is vital for dealing with complaints, it is not appropriate to give lengthy explanations or techniques, or when you need a demonstration of the product or service.Effective TelemarketingThe mail marketing often produces a response rate of around 2%. While this may be cost effective, not combined with telemarketing response level may be 12%. All activities of the marketing mix must be planned and implemented in such a way that they act as an integrated whole, to produce optimal results at the lowest cost possible. That is, the combination of telemarketig with other means of marketing will be profitable in so far as to achieve synergy among them.Telemarketing seems at first glance expensive for the cost of a call. Make the sales force visit to all customers, is not the most effective solution from the economic point of view. Although the phone should not be considered as a substitute for field sales team, there are many ways you can support and enhance its power of actual sales.The advantages of telemarketing in combination with other marketers can be achieved using an agency specializing in direct marketing. Use an agency has two primary benefits: it requires long term commitment and expertise of the agency ensures the best chance of success.

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