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As Far as the eye can see, as far as the mind can reach

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The project started in October 2004 through a grant with Global Artways, as well as funds from Horizonte.

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We started with a small group of students, exploring context and doing research.

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There were several elements to capture: Education, Culture, and the Arts.

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We decided to research Gods and Goddesses from around the world who represent these three elements.

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Hindu Goddess Saraswati was the result.

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The Study

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What Happens if you rotate 180 degrees?

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The Wall: four stories high, four vinyl sections .

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The preliminary Design incorporated the format of the Wall.

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Inspired by Saraswati, a Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, and all the creative arts.

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She is seen seated on either a Swan or Peacock.

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A Peacock represents unpredictable behavior as its moods can be influenced by weather changes.

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She holds the rudraksh, the sacred beads, in one hand.

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She holds a Book in another hand, The Book signifies knowledge.

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The School Motto is the Book’s Title: “As Far As The Eye Can See, As Far As The Mind Can Reach.”

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The Lute represents mind and intellect. Tune them in perfect harmony and use them to acquire knowledge for the welfare of all mankind.

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The Lotus is a symbol for Supreme Reality.

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Goddess Saraswati is worshipped by musicians, dancers, all artists…

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…and by all persons interested in knowledge, especially students, teachers, scholars, and scientists.

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Saraswati is surrounded by water.

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The water reflects the people who she inspires.

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She transcends all barriers of language, colour or creed.

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The Process After the research and design was complete.

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The Portrait Studies Began We started by studying the black and white value scale through Charcoal.

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Children were popular

Then we practiced with paint, mastering monochromatic value studies. : 

Then we practiced with paint, mastering monochromatic value studies.

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The Water The Students then painted their family, friends, or role models on the water sections of the mural design.

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They then incorporated their portrait into the water.

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Tupac was Popular

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Other Famous People

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Family, Friends, and Culture

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…And Two Very Important School Reps.

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Working Together

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That’s Teamwork!

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Participating Artists 2004-05: Fatima Ahmed, Joanna Bolden, Humberto Erazo, Laura Espinoza, Shannon D. Francisco, Carlos Gonzalez, Myriam Guzman, Isuf Jasaraj, Xiao Min Kang, Jiwon Kim, Stephanie Miramontes, Luis Pimentel, Vanessa Ramirez, Nadia Rivera, Armando Rodriguez, Amanda Romero, Jessica Rosas, Laura Salazar, Brenda Sanchez, Juan Sertano, Lilian Tang. 2005-06: Mohumad Alkarori, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Isaac Biel, Laura Cordova, Marie Franco, Deshon Heags, Junior Maloma, Sisavanh (Don) Meunrath, Sandra Ortega, Daniel Phelps, William (Will) Purcell, John Ramirez, Donte Whittaker, Felecia Yazzie. 2006-07: Joshua Alvarez, Jacqueline Arenas, Maya Biel, Leticia Flores, Jasmine Haskie, Zach Johnson, Ione Loni, Felicia Lopez, Vanessa Norton, Corinn Parker, Joaquin Peraza, Edgar Rodriguez, Luis Rodriguez, Emily Sloan, Gricel Soto, Alexandria Thomas, Juan Jose Urias, Victoria Urcino, Andrew Worden.

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Special Thanks To: James Andersen, Victoria Saldaña, Ted Heal, Joanne Milner, and Ellen Jenkins. ____________________________________ Funded by Global Artways and Horizonte

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