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Filing a patent for intellectual property is necessary for businesses that innovate and come up with new products.


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Should You Hire a Patent Attorney Patent-It-Yourself vs Hiring a Patent Lawyer A.A.Tejuoso Co.

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Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer Filing a patent for intellectual property is necessary for businesses that innovate and come up with new products. This ensures that the fruits of their own research and development are not ‘stolen’ by other companies or their competitors. Many people however are unaware of intellectual property and patent laws. The patent application procedure is also a relatively complicated procedure. There are many great ideas for innovation but only a few make it to actual production and are launched for public consumption. This makes it even more important to protect the owners’ rights to their intellectual property by filing for a patent. This can be done by the owner himself or by hiring a patent and trademark attorneys Nigeria.

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Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer DIY Patent Application Startup companies or entrepreneurs who do not have the budget to hire a patent attorney go for a ‘patent-it-yourself’ filing. Some are successful in going through the entire process – from patent search commercial potential evaluation to the patent application – on their own. If you decide to apply for a patent on your own you have to be aware of and ready for the difficulties you could face. The patent application process is tedious and time-consuming. There are also a number of risks that you could face when you draft your own patent application and legal documents without the help of a patent attorney.

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Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer While you can get patent application samples and templates online they are usually not comprehensive in coverage. There might be specifications in your own intellectual property that need to be added to the documentation. A lawyer who understands the complexities of intellectual property and patent laws would be able to give the proper advice on what to do. Hiring a Patent Attorney In Nigeria the inventor is required to sign a Form 2 document authorizing a patent attorney to do the full disclosure of details of the product and to submit the necessary legal requirements on the owner’s behalf. The accredited patent attorney or agent is the only individual allowed to do the legal process from start to finish and to present the documents in the appropriate administrative body.

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Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer Hiring a skilled professional patent lawyer can help you avoid a lot of frustrations. A patent attorney could help you: •Determine the patentability of your product •Research product infringement •Write documents •Fill-up legal forms •Prepare and file a formal patent application •Review and amend an application •Respond to patent examiners •Enforce and maintain your patent The Best Way to Protect Your Rights It is strongly recommended to hire a lawyer with expertise in patenting concerns. He can ensure that your rights are well protected when it comes to your intellectual property and its rewards.

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