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brain to computer interface


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Brain Computer Interface:

Brain Computer Interface Presentation by Vinay Kumar 07r91a05a0


Outlines What is BCI? How does it work? Brain Wave Control Simple introduction of the brain Data Acquisition Apps Drawbacks & Future Q&A

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What is BCI?

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Brain -Computer Interface - Direct Neural Interface or Brain-Machine Interface Direct communication pathway between a brain and an external device. Research on BCIs began in the 1970s at the University of California Los Angeles

How does it work?:

How does it work? Signal Acquisition Signal Processing Devices

Brain Wave Control:

Brain Wave Control

Brain Wave Control:

Brain Wave Control Active α (8 – 12 Hz): relaxed/reflecting β (12 – 30 Hz): alert/working - Training - Misjudgment

Brain Wave Control:

Brain Wave Control Passive Evoked potentials

Brain Wave Control:

Brain Wave Control Passive Evoked potentials

Brain Wave Control:

Brain Wave Control Passive Evoked potentials

Data Acquisition:

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition:

Data Acquisition Invasive BCIs Non-Invasive BCIs Partially-Invasive BCIs Wireless BCIs

Invasive BCIs:

Invasive BCIs Implanted: grey matter Signals: highest quality Scar-tissue build-up Target: repairing damaged sight providing new functionality to persons with paralysis Artificial Vision System

Electrode Arrays:

Electrode Arrays

App.- Artificial Vision:

App.- Artificial Vision 4X4 16 pixels 8X8 64 pixels 12X12 144 pixels 16X16 256 pixels 32X32 1024 pixels 128X128 16384 pixels

Non-Invasive BCIs:

Non-Invasive BCIs poor signal resolution power muscle implants and restore partial movement Interfaces EEG MEG MRI


MEG Magnetoencephalography Magnetic Field: 10 -15 T ~10 -13 T (Weak!!) S.Q.U.I.D. Sensors Shielded Room

Magnetic Field:

Magnetic Field

Partially-Invasive BCIs:

Partially-Invasive BCIs Implanted: skull lower risk of forming scar-tissue in the brain Signal quality between invasive BCIs & non-invasive BCIs

Wireless BCIs:

Wireless BCIs More practical Embedding multiple chips More complicated thoughts Transmission with RF key requirement: keep the heat down

Wireless BCIs:

Wireless BCIs Size: 2cm in diameter 、 8cm thick Low cost Receive Distance: 10m ~ 50m


Disadvantages Headache Exhausting Laziness Degenerate


Future Integrate with different territory From lab to factory Nursing and medical treatment


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