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TEFL stands for 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language'. The close kin of TEFL is TESOL, which means 'Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages'. TEFL and TESOL are synonymous terms. It is an international program of training for teachers where the teachers are given inputs on the latest advancements and advents in the field of teaching English.


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Offering Flexibility through Online Learning:

Offering Flexibility through Online Learning www.teflcourse.in

Opening Up Vast Opportunities::

Opening Up Vast Opportunities: Training global learners enables them to open up to vast opportunities and reach out to the world. TEFL teaching methods meet global standards, preparing teachers for global classrooms. www.teflcourse.in

Enter A Multi-cultural Zone: :

Enter A Multi-cultural Zone: Teachers Teaching English Online engage students in cross-cultural activities with hands-on student teaching experience. Gain the experience to understand the world from the perspective of another culture. www.teflcourse.in

A Gift Of Freedom: :

A Gift Of Freedom: The trainee gets the freedom to work overseas with an exciting and challenging TEFL profession. The Online TEFL courses focuses on application based teaching techniques. www.teflcourse.in

Adaptable Methodology: :

Adaptable Methodology: The methodology is designed with tools for successful in-class teaching . The trainees of TEFL receive a well- structured and finely tuned training. www.teflcourse.in

Skills Gained::

Skills Gained: The course enables trainees to become skilled facilitators of English learning. The trainees get the freedom to explore their skills and develop new ones. www.teflcourse.in

Makes You Capable: :

Makes You Capable: TEFL gives the trainees the confidence to create lessons that are learner centric globally. To develop essential learning skills, methods and interactive techniques. www.teflcourse.in


THANK YOU www.teflcourse.in

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