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5 Creative ESL Icebreakers to Get To Know Your Students More:

5 Creative ESL Icebreakers to Get To Know Your Students More www.teflindia.com

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Objectives www.teflindia.com

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An ESL teacher teaches English as a Second Language . They teach those students whose first language isn't English, in reading, writing and talking. www.teflindia.com

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“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader” – Margaret Fuller “ Language is the infinite use of finite means” – Wilhelm von Humboldt www.teflindia.com

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The ABC’s of ESL Icebreakers: An icebreaker is a game, activity or event that help to start the conversation . For a TEFL/ ESL Course trainer , an interactive classroom has always been a challenge. Hence, there are some useful techniques to break the ice of your students. www.teflindia.com

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Getting to know the names Ask your students to stand up and form a circle or a line. Let them know that you need to learn everyone's name. Sentence Making Make up a sentence with the same number of words as you have students. If you have a large group of students, you can write out 5 sentences. www.teflindia.com

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Where and Where In this icebreaker, students will talk with each another and try to guess where their classmates have been and would like to go off. You will need a big map for this. Like - Naomi, are you from Germany? Riberio , do you want to go to Italy? www.teflindia.com

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Mime Act First , form a circle with your students and tell them to watch you mime. Now ask them to explain what you were doing. Try to persuade more than one-word answers. www.teflindia.com

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Paper Airplane To start this fun activity, tell your students to write three to five specifics about themselves on a piece of paper. Then tell them to fold that paper into a paper airplane. Everyone flies their planes and then the students pick up a plane that landed near to them. Then they try to guess whose it was. www.teflindia.com

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General Tips: For a trainer of the ESL Course in India, here are some more tips Before offering the activity to the class, weigh up yourself at first. Don't use too long icebreaking otherwise your lesson plan may get affected. Be organized. Be arranged. www.teflindia.com

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